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Newcomer's Board / Finding Kanji's hex values for PS1 games
« on: March 22, 2012, 03:44:46 am »
I started this hacking stuff about a week ago (when I realised that it's possible to translate games as if it's a DIY, well a little).

Anyways, I've done quite a reading and experimented the table thing (did it by referring to satsu's & InVerse's guides).
Oh, the game I'm working on is Black/Matrix Cross (Disc 1).
For the table, I'm manually creating them as I can't get the tabular tool to display the kana (inputted 'あ' but got ',' instead).

After ensuring that I got the Kana Order System (gojuon) right and checked with the game, I proceeded next with finding the hex values for the Kanji. I know there are a lot of them, but I just want to know how exactly do I do that? I can't be possibly using tile editor (since it won't allow me to mess with PS1 games). Did numerous searches and 90% of them said, "go to romhacking.net"...so here I am asking this question (which I assume has not been asked since I couldn't find any in the search).

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