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1 some stroke of luck, I've found a way to make the table for Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes 2 for the SNES.

Only that its the long, slow, tiresome way that take its toll on your eyesight.  :( So I've decided to roll with it. Using WindHex to make the table.
Funny enough, the format for "ASCII" characters and "Shift-JIS" seems a bit too familiar with the format for the PC Windows game I am still working on translating. 1-byte for English, 2-bytes for Japanese.
Except it has its own arrangement of Kanji Letters. Sometimes it skips a LOT of letters that are in WindHex.
And now I ran into this weird character.

I can't figure it out on Windhex's Table Editor, and no Handdrawn Kanji recognition site can figure it out. It the first time I got this.
Can you ID it for me? I also want its value in WindHex Table Editor.

Newcomer's Board / Finding texts and pointers table through Debugger
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:42:00 am »
After skimming through ASM documents, I think I can start the slow crawl toward hacking SNES roms.
I am trying my hand at Geiger's Debugger, viewing the RAM as I am playing, but there is so much going on in such a fast pace!  :o
I still trying to figure out the character table for the rom I am researching, so I don't know if there is compression involved.
I know a bit on pointer tables and Little Endian format, so what I want to know is:
-How do you "isolate" which part of RAM responsible for calling what "text" to appear whenever you talk to NPCs so I can track it in the ROM from its address?
-How do you find the pointers table to control the length of the text?
I view the RAM through using Show Hex.

Newcomer's Board / Character Table with 8x12 Tiles
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:22:21 am »
Thought of pursuing translation of SNES games as a side project.
To my surprise, there is quite the lack of tutorials for this specific topic. Everything else boils to:
-Refer to the "Getting Started" article. :'(
-Learn it yourself. >:(
Used YY-Char on the ROM of Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes II for the SNES, and found the font.

Based on here, this formation is 8x12 Tiles.
How can I learn the tile value in the rom? Let alone for all the Japanese characters so I can transform it to CaveSpeak?
How one can construct a table for 8x12 tiles to use in programs like WinHex?
Forgive me for asking this, but I haven't found one tutorial,guide or method for these circumstances.

Programming / Need to patch a full directory
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:50:12 am »
With the game translation project I am working on Link is now on solid footing, I think I must tackle the matter of exporting it.
I do know of making patch files using something like WindHex, but what I am thinking of is a way to make a patch that changes all the game files for the directory to their modified state in one setting, not something like an .ips file for one .exe file.
Do you know of any utility here that can achieve that? The files I am patching through the directory are all encoded in dat format and one .exe file.

While I am still looking for translators for This, I found something I need to take care of ASAP.
Just take a look at this screencap:

I've managed to edit one of names in the party HUD using HxD editor!! Bear in mind that I couldn't dump the image file associated with it (it is a DAT file), meaning that I edited this pixel by pixel blind.
OK, all I have to do is to do this for the playable characters' slots in the HUD, ONCE. But I want an agreed on/official/canonical interpretation for the names of the party members. Don't want to repeat the process again, I still have to change the "End" picture too.
Sometimes I've seen other websites uses "Selios","Serious", "Celios". "Runan", "Lunan", "Ryunan", "Lou", "Lowe", "Ro", "Giles", "Gale".

Name in Japanese *Name in US *My interpretation
セリオス *Logan *Selious
リュナン *Ethan *Runan
ロー *Markus *Lou
ゲイル *Giles *Gale
ソニア *Sonia *Sonia

Can you help me?

Programming / Editing graphics in DAT format (Falcom Related)
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:03:37 pm »
Another topic by me on my quest to translate Dragon Slayer: New Heroes Legend for PC Windows, will I ever organize my questions??
So...The game shows promises so far. The texts is sorta separated from the program and the coding, and it was categorized so I can mess around without destroying too much.
But I just keep wanting more to improve and do my best. And now I've hit a new hurdle: Translating texts in graphics. Namely the Party's HUD:

I noticed that nothing in the game executable file changes their Japanese name in the HUD, but then I saw screencaps of the Chinese??

So I figure that there are image files for the HUD, that were changed through some means to make the names appears in the HUD in Chinese.
What I want to know:
1- Is there a way to extract images such as (Interlude cutscenes, monsters sprites, characters sprites) from the data files? I tried falcnvrt but it doesn't support this game. :banghead:
2- Anyone knows a way to edit said images? Everything from the conversations to monster battle messages is in dat format. Yet I can edit the Japanese characters in these files in a HexEditor no problem. I think I need to sorta convert the image files into actual "images", edit them, then convert them back to DAT files.
I tried searching the subject but I have no idea, not to mention that I have zero knowledge on decoding a file of a game so I am asking for help.
I await your constructive inputs.  :-\

Hello everyone here,
I am working on translating Falcom's remake of their 6th installment in the Dragon Slayer Franchise: The Legend of Heroes, as New Heroes Legend, now for the Windows to English language.
So far the journey was hard, bumpy but fun at the same time. Me and mrrichard999 did a lot of work (mostly him) to help make the game working so far; check out some photos (Camera taken, sorry):

However, The main meat of an RPG (Cutscenes, Locations, Towns, Dialogues, a lot of monsters' names and texts) were left untouched. Because we have low knowledge on Japanese. Everything I did relied heavily on Google translate.
We need a translator to change ingame Japanese Texts to English.
I will take over the task of changing the text within the files, so I need help to provide the translated texts for each file.
Further details will be provided.
For the sake of being fair, here are letter counts of the text file groups of the game (including repetitions):
SCEN (All NPCs dialogue, on map events/cutscenes, all in separate files):140025 letter.
MONS (All Monsters & Bosses encounter text/moves/battle dialogue, all in separate files):4118 letter.
ED1_WIN.exe (The program itself, contain common messages, locations, items, Intro and Ending scenes' text, chapter prelude cutscenes, minigame dialogue):6144 letter.


Newcomer's Board / Falcom Modding tools??
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:51:36 am »
Sooo...I am still working on the translation of Dragon Slayer: New Heroes Legend of the PC.
What got me hooked to the game despite me playing it on the Turbografix CD was seeing screenshots of the game...somehow in Chinese language.
The page link is
Since I am trying to translate the game text, why don't I translate the menu image to match the characters' names? They did that here, I thought.
I tried using the Falcom Data Archiver Conversion Tool or "falcnvrt" for short to extract the images but with no avail. Turns out the game "新・英雄伝説" is not in the compatibility list :banghead: (somehow they listed New Heroes Legend III White Witches, which tricked me).
Is there a way to get in the data files of the game? They are in DAT format and from my research, they are impossible to crack with normal means.

Newcomer's Board / Trouble with Japanese Games
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:47:17 am »
Hello! It is my first topic and it is about translating so hear me out...
I am currently trying to translate a Windows95 old Japanese game called Dragon Slayer: New Heroes Legend.
I've managed to get to the game files and find text and conversations to translate with Notepad++...when troubles started.
Turns out the game gets upset and crashes upon injecting English letters in its files, probably a problem inputting English characters in an all Japanese game.
Can you help me solve this problem? I figure that I should input English letters that are within Japanese CharSet.
Your inputs are appreciated!

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