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Newcomer's Board / Greetings and a Skateboarding Project
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:06:06 am »
Hey everyone.  I've been using the website and lurking around for years but finally just got around to registering.

I've been interested in ROMhacking and making my own NES games literally for as long as I can remember but only recently have put a more serious effort into making an actual project on the side.

I don't have much experience with programming and would love to continue to learn more about it, as I intend to program a game from scratch eventually, even if it is a simple one.

Here is a project that I have currently been working on in my spare time for the past month or two.

My vision for this project was to make another skateboarding game for the NES. 
Skateboarding is another passion of mine, and sadly there weren't too many options when it came to playing a "good" skateboarding game in the days before Tony Hawk's Pro Skater existed.  I love T&C Surf Designs, its probably my favourite of the genre on the NES, and 720 is pretty decent but the arcade is much better, the NES port can be kinda frustrating to newcomers and not appealing to people who aren't really into skateboarding.  The Skate or Die series is iconic and hilarious, but it really lacks in the actual skateboard gameplay department.

I chose Adventure Island as the base model of my project.  I've always enjoyed this game, as it was one of the first games I owned, and it had a sweet skateboard power up in it.  Riding the board is fun and also an asset to have in most cases, and personally, I always tried really hard to make it to the end of the level still on the board, mainly out of principal and for an extra challenge but also because they were kinda rare.  Adventure Island also has a really user friendly game specific hacking tool for it, so that really helped me settle on a final game to work on.  I was considering Yo! Noid because I love the skateboarding level and mechanics in the game but my skills are too low to hack levels without specific tools right now. 

I have put most of my time into editing the graphics of the game, as changing the actual shape and layout of the levels themselves is really easy and I will put the levels together as I have the graphics completed.  I am tweaking the level layouts and designs in favour of fun, balanced game design, and plan to make the game a little easier and more accessible at first, compared to the original Adventure Island.

I plan on changing the tilescreen much more drastically, that is just a place holder and actually one of the first things I successfully did when getting back into ROM Hacking after a long hiatus.  A lot of the graphics for Level 2 aren't changed over yet, even for the player sprite so just ignore that for now.

I have been saving different versions of the project as backups just in case something goes wrong, and it actually paid off sooner than I would've liked.  I put about four hours into changing the graphics in Tile Layer Pro and then updating the layout and placement of them in Level 2, and it seemed to be going fine.  It worked when I tested it in the emulator several times throughout the day, and I saved the project and went to bed after being content putting a lot of work into it for the day.  I was really bummed the next day when I tried to open the project again in Aislanded and got an error message.  If someone could help me figure out what went wrong, possibly how to fix and avoid it, I would really appreciate it!

The tools I am using are:
Aislanded - Adventure Island Game Specific Editor
TileLayerPro - For editing in game GFX
fceux - for emulating and hex editing
TBLater - for making hex tables for changing font and whatnot

I'm not sure where to actually host the file, and don't want to break any forum rules so I haven't attached it yet.  I can send it personally to people or upload it here if possible.

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