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Recently found my first complete hack of SMB1 that I made as a kid.  I'd like to share it here soon, but always wanted to make Mario's Fireballs shoot straight.  I'm new to Hex and am hoping to accomplish this with Translhextion.   

I found a topic regarding this on RHDN, but the links wouldn't work (for SMBar, or Straight Shooting utilities).  There was a link:

to the ROM map of SMB1, but being new to hex, I'm not sure how to even find these values in Translhextion.  When I search, no strings are found.  Along the left side of Translhextion, the numbers start with '0000' not '0x00'.  I can't find any values in Translhextion matching those mentioned in the link above.

Apologies if this is an extremely n00bie question, but after reading some of the intro topics on hex, I'm still confused.  All I'd like to do is find and be able to change whatever value(s) is(are) required to make Mario's fireballs shoot straight ahead--any assistance is greatly appreciated!

For what it's worth, the game is basically SMB1 changed into a James Bond game where you run, jump, and shoot around as 007.  Hack is complete, aside from the music which I might try and tackle one day after I learn some hex...Would love to put the Bond theme in the game someday.


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