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ROM Hacking Discussion / Secret of Mana - Unused dialog
« on: February 07, 2013, 06:35:50 am »
So, while retranslating the game in french, we found two unused dialogs in the rom and I think I know where one of them should have been displayed at the first place.

The dialog talks about the fake emperor and remains unfinished, like if the guy who was writing the diary had been killed.

In those screenshots :

We can see a diary that you can only access if you find the secret passage in the bottom of the screen, but of course, it's a part of the background.

A friend of mine successfully reinserted the original icon of the Earthquake magic and also the censured boss but don't have a clue at all about the ways that could be used to reinsert this dialog. An event which would occur when the player press the "B" button at this place? (so by using x/y values?). By inserting a NPC and make it invisible? Or is it just impossible to add this dialog in the game?

Of course, the text is in the rom (copy-paste from the american version) at 0x9CAA3 :

Code: [Select]
<Event id='0x2fc'>
<CallEvent id='0x73d'/>
(Unfinished diary entry)</Text>
<WaitTime id='0x00'/>
<Text> ...My cover's been blown... Some monster's using[NewLine]
 the Emperor's body to</Text>
<WaitTime id='0x00'/>
(Text suddenly stops)</Text>
<WaitTime id='0x00'/>
<Player id='0x1'/><Text>:What does this mean?</Text>
<WaitTime id='0x00'/>
<JumpEvent id='0x711'/>

Here's a savestate done with Snes 9x Geiger 1.43 in front of the diary with the U version of the rom if someone want to take a look at it :


ROM Hacking Discussion / Checksum routine
« on: November 26, 2012, 06:26:07 am »

I added an intro to a snes rom (hi-rom one) but I want to prevent the ability to remove it (right now, it's pretty easy). It's an intro that basically say that I don't support cartmods and that people should be aware there are reproductions, etc... but it don't prevent to run the game on the real harware (the aim is just to inform people, not to prevent them to play the game).

Is it possible to add a little thing which would calculate a checksum (other than the snes one which seems useless and easily fixable with Ipsum for example, so useless anyway) and prevent the game to run if the checksum mismatch (so if one byte of the rom is modified).

The problem is that I don't know ASM at all, so except if it's a little thing easy to learn, that'll be a problem.

I know some friends with some ASM skills so maybe just lead me to the toward direction might be enough.

I did a french translated version of Secret of Mana using the retranslated iphone script (translated from japanese), the rom is expanded, pointers and texts are now in the expanded megabyte and everything is working fine.

I asked a spanish hacker (magno) if I could use his patch (spanish patch) to redo my work on it because his patch is featuring a VWF.

I re-expanded his patch and put again the new pointers/texts at the same location.

Everything seemed to work fine during my tests until I reached the Mana Tree.

For an unknow reason, the game is displaying the wrong text and so skip a lot of events.

I did a trace and found the problem :

Code: [Select]
$C0/371A B9 00 00    LDA $0000,y[$E1:0000]   A:0000 X:000B Y:0000 P:envMxdIZc
For an unknow reason, the spanish patch combined to my hack is jumping to "$E1:0000" (my old patch don't jump to that adress) and it's the actual problem.

To avoid the bug, the game should jump to "$E2:0000" which is the location of the dialog which should be displayed, as well as the good events.

So my question is, how to force the game to jump to "$E2:0000" instead of "$E1:0000" ?

Or if you prefer how to have this instruction :

Code: [Select]
$C0/371A B9 00 00    LDA $0000,y[$E2:0000]   A:0000 X:000B Y:0000 P:envMxdIZc
instead of this actual one :

Code: [Select]
$C0/371A B9 00 00    LDA $0000,y[$E1:0000]   A:0000 X:000B Y:0000 P:envMxdIZc

ROM Hacking Discussion / multicart
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:10:38 am »
I'm searching a way to create a rom with multiples games (something like "Super Mario All-Stars") to have several hack of a game in the same rom (with a menu for example to select the game), is there any way to do it on a SNES ? And if yes, how ?

I'm actually doing a translation of this game (adapted from the manga/anime Kingyo Chuuihou, often called "Goldfish Warning in english).

Most of the game texts is translated (whole scripts : ~600kb) but a few things are remaining.

In what we could call the "story mode", you get a bonus aftet each trimester. You have to select a face-down card between three and you either win or lose some score points.

There are 192 cards (~3 lines of text for each of them), and I already translated ~150 of them. Though, some of them give me a bit of difficulty (I even asked a japanese and she's got some problems with some of the cards, mainly because of the childish way of "talking" for some of them), I can translate some of them litterally but can't really manage to find a good edit for them.

So I'll put all the cards which are missing translations, and if some people want to help, feel free to do it.

Each card is numbered by a pointer, so if you want to translate one, you can just post the pointer number instead of copy pasting the original texts.

Here's an example :

//<$01><SET-TEXT-PAL> <face5> うち上げ花火より せんこう花火の<LINE>
//   ほうが すきな人っているよね…<LINE>
//             +50点!!<$0E><CODE-FF>
<$01><SET-TEXT-PAL> <$41><$42>PTR 0F38<LINE>

Here, you can just post :

0F38 : * insert the translation here *

Thanks a lot!

Edit : Finally managed to translate myself.

Feel free to ask if you need some others characters name or either just leave the japanese in the translation, that's not really a problem.

Personal Projects / Crystal Beans : From Dungeon Explorer (SNES)
« on: November 12, 2011, 04:41:18 am »
After months of delays (my fault, health problems  :-\), the english translation is done and Pennywise is actually working on the edit (he already edited the first half I translated a few months ago).

The game script isn't that big (~70kb) and according to him, it should be ready around the end of the next week.

So chances are high to see the translation released during December (edit, beta-test, then it's done).

The game is already 100% hacked and I did a Japanese to French translation which got released in May 2010.

Nothing to show yet, except that for curious people : (it's the news of the release of the french version, where you can see some screenshots).

I took over Kakkoii translations' project with their agreement, and redone the hack with a friend, which give something like that :

Before/After :

Removed the old limitations with ASM hacking and such, added a better VWF font (ripped from FF6), automatized the texts insertion/pointers calculation, modified 16-bits pointers to 24-bits with ASM, rewritten the text routine (old one was using 2 bytes for each character, new one is using only 1 byte for each, which now gives 450 kb of more free space in the rom, which can also be expanded to 4M if needed with the new 24-bits pointers (so more free space that the translation could ever need).

So what is missing is just the end of the translation, not so much by the way (300 dialogs, or less, for each, one dialog is often between 1 and 4 lines) : (293 dialogs, 32 Kb) (translated) (331 dialogs, 37,9 Kb) (translated) (270 dialogs, 30,4 Kb) (translated) (210 dialogs, 23,3 Kb) (translated) (144 dialogs, 17,3 Kb) (translated) (84 dialogs, 10,6 Kb) (translated)

I can provide a patch and a savestate to the translators, the patch will look like that :

So the translators can play and translate at the same time, and so, see who talks, which context, etc...

Dump looks like that :

[BEGIN Dialog-02582]
//ボクたちの 他にも

// are commentaries not reinserted by the text inserter and is the japanese dialogs.

"Dialog-02582" is the text inserted by the text inserter and is where the translation should be written.

<EOP> (means "end of page") can be used to display a new page in the textbox window.

<EOL> (means "end of line") can be used to force a line-break, but is not necessary (as you can see in the japanese dumps).

Feel free to post or pm me if you are interested to translate one of the dumps, and/or if you have questions about the project.

(And thanks to support my "engrish", as I'm not a native english speaker)

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