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I read that Actraiser 2 doesn't work on Snes mini. It needs to be patched with an ips file for canoe. I patched it, but when i run the game, there is a black sreen and i don't know why.
I installed Retroarch and snes9x2010, I added "--retroarch" with a space after the name of the rom in the command line...but the black screen is still here :(

can you help me?

Hi guys,

i read that the mapper #69 of Batman Return of the joker isn't supported by default by Nintendo Nes mini. Is it available an hacked version of this game that work on this console?

thank you!

HI All,

i would like to apply the patch to GHost Chaser Densei for Supernes in order to translate it in english.  Which is the programm i have to use? 

thank you!

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