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BattleToads 4 players - BT4p 3.9_256_spr
Mod/hack adds fourth (and third) player to Battletoads (NES, U-version) to make possible to play the game with four people at the same time.
Custom respawn (for choice), color select for toads (including extended palettes),
oneshot deals damage instead (for choice), friendly fire (for choice), change of interaction with lower edge of the screen,
different finishing hits to use, multiplier and difficulty of enemies (for choice), level select.

Netplay in Mednafen in two words:
Save states works in netplay.
Load of state restores synchronization (helps in case of the desynch)
Another player can connect to the game in any moment.
If player lost connection, he can return to the current game
More than one player can play from one emulator on netplay.

Create netgame (when settings for server are set):
1)   Run the game
2)   With “T” key on keybord open command line / chat.
3)   Enter command (each player):
  You can play now.

Commad “/connect” connects to the server. Players should have identical rom and game key (key is set in server settings – key to hash; you can consider it as the name of a host, which distinguishes one created game from another). First connected player becomes host, other enters to his current game.
Appropriate checkbox in server settings connects to the server immediately after the game starts (no need for command input).

Usefull commands:
/take 1 – take control of 1-st pad (controller) of emulator. Player controling one pad more now. If other player had control of this pad, he lost it now.
  In case with several local players, you should take control of several pads (and pads should have differently configured input).
  Local player count (in server settings) corresponds to pad count, that player (current emulator) will take after connetion to the server.
/drop 1 – reverse of /take 1.
/swap 1 2 – swap of 1-st and 2-nd pads between players, which have control of these pads.
/dupe 1 – to control one pad (first pad in that case) by several players.

List of netplay commands:

A few BT4p-releated videos and streams:
Some glitches from development:
BT4p 3.7_256_spr stream (lang ru):
BT4p 3.9_256_spr stream (lang ru):

Special thanks to: Ti_
Thanks to: Doomday

Mod creator: NakeuD2007

Battletoads & Double Dragon 4 players - BTDD4p 2.1_256_spr
Mod/hack adds fourth (and third) player to Battletoads & Double Dragon (NES, U-version) to make possible to play the game with four people at the same time.
New moves, character levels system, enemy multiplier, new mechanics, lives share mode.

Few streams:

Chip n Dale 2 – 4 players ─ CnD2-4pl
Mod/hack adds fourth and third (1-8) players to Chip n Dale 2 (NES, U-version) to make possible to play the game with four ( 8 ) people at the same time.
Balance: bosses, enemies. Level select. Mini-games select.

Few streams:
CnD2-4pl_3.0 stream by Romhack:

Future and current projects
Link to Moded emulator and Readme with detailed information

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