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Hello World!

I am a Linux user and love ROM hacks. A few weeks ago, I found a CLI utility to hard patch ROMS, made by Xezlec, and I thought "I can put a front end on that!"

Here's a screen shot of the main interface, for now, and it will change.

I need a bit of help, if anyone could lend me some IPS expertise. The code was originally written in Python 2.0, with spaces, and I rewrote most of the important parts in Python 3.5, with tabs. Now, I'm not 100% sure on how the code works when it comes to applying the patch to the ROM. The program works, almost, but it gets trapped in an infinite loop when trying to write to the ROM.

Below is a link to my github, where the source code is, as well as the code by Xezlec, on which it's based. I tried to make sure to give him credit at all areas, because I'm just trying to make it graphical.

Well, it's finished. I'll be uploading the alpha version later today for approval :)

May 3, 2017, the download link works properly now.
Original IPS patcher here:

Future IPS MAKER feature in progress!
Future BPS patcher in progress!

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