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Programming / How can you find where an NES game stores save data?
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:53:43 pm »
I'm trying to modify All Stars NES for personal use. My biggest issue with it is that lives don't reset on game over. I believe simply not saving them to SRAM would solve this, right? Even if I can't release it publicly, it seems simple enough to be a first time hacking project.

Any way, I'm trying to find where in the rom the game stores save data. I have no clue where to look, and am currently loading back and forth through save states (each with different values saved to sram) using FCEUX and trying to find what lines change using its hex viewer. Am I doing it right? If not, how can I find what I'm looking for?

Personal Projects / Megaman the Wily Wars Sram+
« on: January 21, 2018, 10:31:53 pm »
Around a year ago a user uploaded a hack of Megaman the Wily Wars that fixed the games movement delay. It was an awesome hack, but was removed because of a game breaking glitch that froze the game in multiple locations. At least I think that's why it was removed, it sort of just vanished one day. Anyway, I attempted to replicate his/her hack to find out what was wrong and could not get it work. I gave up the project and stuffed it in my archive folders and it sat there for months. Just earlier today however I got the motivation to try again and I found out EXACTLY WHAT WENT WRONG. I figured it out when I attempted to patch the cheat (using GG guy) to a clean rom and got an incorrect checksum. The cheat only works when patched through hex. Sorry if I'm rambling, but this names me happy beyond words. I was going to simply upload the hack (since it's basically finished) but I decided that just to be safe, I would like to have it bug tested by you guys. Again the hack has no reason not to function properly, but just to be safe I want to bug test it before upload.

TLDR I fixed the Wily Wars movement delay issues and am extremely overjoyed, but want it bug tested before I upload it.

-Sram fix by motzilla, pm me if you don't want it included.
-Movement delay is fixed! Now it plays just like the nes original.
-Bullet speed is 67% faster, also just like the NES originals.
-You can slide in MM1 and MM2
-Magnet beam has 2x as much ammo, I can remove this if you guys don't like it but I thought it was a welcome change.

Patch is here:!R3JD1CoY!uQ_sCD5P22wQa1EoMQOopB3mSGMnMzJuo4D-VZZc23c

If you find a bug, tell me what emulator you were using and how you triggered it. Be as detailed as possible. Enjoy!

Personal Projects / Mario World Improvement project
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:52:38 am »
If your looking for a whole new experience, you won't find it here. The aim of this hack is to incorporate all the features from the gba version of the game, but without the screen crunch, shitty music, or washed out colors. Beyond that, I've also added in a few other features and some graphical changes of my own. Don't be alarmed, its nothing drastic.

Features list;
-Green Mario has mysteriously disappeared

-Dragon coins, power ups, lives, and Yoshi coins save over power cycles.

-Beating any ordinary level for the first time brings up the save prompt, but just in case you beat all the levels without all the coins, re completing any ghost house also brings up the save prompt.

-That nifty progress screen from sma2 is available, just hit select on the overworld to see it!

-After you free a different color Yoshi in star world, he becomes available in top secret area and in places where you'd normally find regular Yoshi. You just need to have the right power up to get him.

-Certain graphics have been replaced with their Mario Maker equivalents.

-All level changes from SMA2 have been ported, however adaptations related to the GBA's smaller screen size were ignored, because unneeded on the SNES.

-And more!

Download the patch from here.!YqBAHJyY!rkREz5if-QCdC0fQKkimyGcIDVUNUMtD0R99bhK7z4M

Apply it to a clean smw USA rom with a header. I have no way to get screen shots with my retro pie, so if you can take a few screen shots while your experimenting with the new features and post them here it would help me out a lot.

I took the level layouts from Lui's improvement hack (with permission of course), you can find his project here. (

My next goal is to add layer 3 backgrounds to every level possible. It gives levels a really nice sense of depth. The second thing I want to do is give dragon coins more of a purpose. As of right now, collecting them all has does nothing. I have options;

-I can create a custom level opened by collecting all the dragon coins, though lord knows it won't be up to Nintendo quality.

-I can re create one of the un-released Mario Advance 4 e-reader levels and have it opened by collecting all the coins, it's cheap and dirty but would get the job done and would be up to Nintendo quality.

-I could make special world inaccessible until all coins are obtained. This would be the simplest option, but I'm not sure it would please the people who've already beaten this game before.

Programming / Changing a password system into a save system
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:43:50 am »
I want to add sram to Megaman 3, but know very little about nes hacking.

I know that the password system makes adding sram easier,since you don't have to track each individual value, instead you just have to make the game create, save, and load a password. I also know said values. The issue is that I have no clue what to do with them. That's what I need help with.

I want to asm hack Doki Doki Panic and make the player accelerate when the b button is held down. Would it be any different from hacking an nes game?

My idea is, if there aren't major differences, find out how the b button run works in nes smb2 and simply add it over to the fds game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Does anyone still have this rom hack?
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:37:02 am »
I was browsing the internet when I came across this really cool romhack that puts smb1 and lost levels on one disk (or rom, in this case) and adds sram saving. Truly a hack made in heaven, too bad the mediafire links are all disabled and the author has been inactive for 5 years.  Does anybody have this hack?

Programming / How hard would it be to isolate SMB2 in mario all stars?
« on: March 31, 2017, 09:37:03 pm »
I have never hacked any game before, so I thought this might be a good place to start. All I want to do is remove SMB1, LL, and SMB3 so when I start the game it automatically boots into SMB2. I also want to have the "save menu" appear after the SMB2 title screen before you select a character. Last but not least, I want to have between level saving instead of between world. Is this possible and feasible for someone new to rom hacking?

Newcomer's Board / Mario All Stars NES broken?
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:32:37 pm »
Hi, so I downloaded Infidelity's SMA NES, but can't seem to get it to work. For some reason when I save and continue in SMB2 USA the game gets stuck and endlessly loops the stage back to the beginning. It resets my lives too, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the sram. However I haven't seen anyone anywhere say anything about it. It happens in all versions on all emulators I know of on Android, Retropie, and Windows.

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