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This is a translation patch for Megami Tensei 2 for the NES. All menus are translated, along with a good amount of miscellaneous text. Only the introduction is translated of the story. Most terminology is inspired from the SNES translation, including demon and item names. The main purpose of this release is to serve as a proof of concept. I do not speak Japanese myself, but I want to see the game translated. The translation quality itself is currently quite rough.

Please report any issues found to do with the menus. Translation help will be appreciated.


Credits: Hacking work done by me.
Terminology largely inspired by DDSTranslation's work on the SNES version.

Newcomer's Board / Credits submissions - who to include
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:40:17 am »
I'm considering adding a credits section to the hack Void's Blitzarre Adventure, since there is already a credits list in the readme. However, a large amount of the people credited are being credited for indirect contributions towards the hack, and did not actively participate in its development. (And before anyone asks, I know I can add people to the database.) The hack's readme is linked below.

The credits guidelines state "Only direct credits for actual work should be considered for inclusion. Beta Testers and Special Thanks like credits should be omitted." They also state "Every contributor should be listed, including the single ‘members’ of label-groups like Aeon Genesis." Basically, what I'm asking is what counts as a "direct credit" and whether people whose only contribution was creating a free-to-use resource the hack used which was not made explicitly for the hack count as contributors.

Newcomer's Board / Uploading Japanese hacks with English translations?
« on: February 03, 2018, 07:27:07 am »
There are an amount of Japanese Fire Emblem hacks with English translations I'd like to submit. What is the procedure for doing so? Should I include both Japanese and English patches in one submission, or should I separate them? I presume they should be kept together, but I figured I should ask first.

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