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ROM Hacking Discussion / Way to trace button presses? (NES)
« on: May 09, 2019, 04:36:46 pm »
If anyone knows how please let me know. :-\

I'm looking to make a better saving feature for Zelda 1, so no more UP+A save trick.

Specifically trying to make pressing select on controller 1 while in subscreen cause save screen to appear, instead of up and A on controller 2.


So I'm really really close to finishing my current work in progress hack, The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage. I haven't posted on the topic for months because I've been VERY slowly making small changes and updates to the game. Since last post on it, I have revamped already revamped graphics ::), added more palettes, one for snow/ice and one for mountains, made the title screen even better than it was, and finally changed the game over theme, and recorder theme. Oh yeah, also edited some more of the dungeons and made the low health beeping even more annoying than it was >:D

Back to my point though, I need beta testers who would be willing to test my hack for bugs and errors (although I doubt bugs), and just to give feedback on how the overworld and dungeons feel.  I'm trying my best to make this as perfect as a hack I can make it, for the players and for my own sanity Don't want months of work to be for nothing  :o. :laugh:

Here's some screenshots

Title screen ;D

ROM Hacking Discussion / (Yet Another) New Zelda 1 hack "Coming soon"
« on: December 21, 2018, 02:14:01 am »
I've been working on hacking Zelda 1 again, as obvious by the subject:P. It's called, "The Legend of Zelda: Trial of Courage". I'd say I'm about 70% finished with it, so it should be released around late December to mid January.

Here are some screenshots! ;D

All I did was edit Link's house and now when I press the pause button it only displays a "Capital A with an arrow next to it, also when I fall in the hole near Hyrule castle the screen goes black..... :-\


Just started 3 days ago, this is what I've accomplished.  :woot!:

(Also if anyone wants to help ~Please do, it's difficult hacking this game! :banghead:~)

~NOTE~ Subject has been edited) Anyone here want to help me team hack ALTTP?

Hmmmmmm Help

I really can't find any good SNES Emu's ZSNES works terribly with the computer I'm using....

The reason I'm asking is because I'm going on a long journey to hack TLoZ - ALTTP (A.K.A Zelda3).

I've been working on a hack since August of last year, and it's coming together perfectly! The hack is almost completed (Close to being finished actually). I've made it very challenging, and the second quest is gonna be like no other 2nd quest!

Brand new graphics
An entirely from scratch new overworld
The Auto-mapping feature (Thanks to snarfblam)
A great story
Dark Link
And Finally All NEW completely changed dungeon layouts!

It should be way better than my last hack CXSZELDA, although it's good, the new one is a lot better in my opinion!

I've been so stuck on this for SOO long! Can anyone PLZ provide detailed info on this? Oh and the reason I want to use a hex editor is because I don't have a Windows computer... I have a chromebook.... :laugh: :-[

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