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Hey guys,

need some help with a few lines for this special ending that I'm editing for insertion.

LAST TWO lines



First pass, translated by pmt7ar with some editing help from me, back in 2010.
"When you make it to this point
no matter what happens next
you ought to completely erase that man"

I'm now trying to get a complete, line-for-line, (un-butchered) translation of this ending for our release and I can't afford to have a single line in this very important ending un- or mistranslated.

Programming / [PS1]Emulator plugin for subtitle rendering question
« on: April 06, 2014, 04:11:57 pm »
I have a project where we're translating a PS1 game, things are going fine but I noticed there are two sections where characters speak but no subtitles of any kind are present, unlike 99% of the game. Is a subtitle-rendering plugin for an emulator, say ePSXe, feasible?

Here's an excerpt from a message we got last year from someone who was interested in helping out but had no time and we never heard from him again. His suggestion though was pretty worthwhile.

"Figuring out when to display what subtitle would be the hard part. For
that different methods could be used:
-Monitoring memory with the cheat code module
-Monitoring (parts of) the window/OCS, probably works best for menus
-Monitoring access of certain resources like sound files or images of
the game
-Tracking user input"

I know something like this has been achieved already for a Gamecube fan-translation, but no such thing exists for PS1.

Hey guys, need some help with parts of the credits list for my Ace Combat 3 translation project, Project NEMO.

The credits list here is for the original Japanese version. The U.S. and PAL versions have two other variations of this credits list but some of it is missing, namely the Production I.G. Animation credits. I can assure you I've done the best someone with no formal knowledge of Japanese could.

Anyone willing to help out will be properly credited for these additional translations.
These are all the images, most of them as spoilers. I've included English counterparts where possible.


ROM Hacking Discussion / [PS1]ACE COMBAT 3: text replacement (Jpn.->Eng.)
« on: January 31, 2014, 01:51:57 pm »
Hey guys of romhacking.net!

I'm trying to get this PS1 ace combat game translated but our team hasn't been very successful in replacing the original japanese text. We have the translation ready for a final pass before patching. (ty again BRPXQZME!!!)

Our project needs people skilled in the programming language used by the PS1 and in particular the way this particular game handles text.

This is pretty much the only place I could think of right off the bat but if you know of other such hubs dedicated to fan-subbing, please do tell me how to find them or just point me to people who're more resourceful for this kind of thing, I'm kinda lost right now. I'm pretty much a salesman trying to sell his project around right now, but it's the only chance I've got if we want to get this done!

[EDIT: I've just read the rules regarding this kind of request, really sorry I posted in the wrong forum guys, I've been so swamped with stuff lately I didn't take the time to do this properly. Personal projects, right?]

Hello everyone,

 I have a translation project for a 32-bit era gem for the PSX, Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (website http://projectnemo.net/, blog http://useatoday.blogspot.ch/). I was working in tandem with a translator on some text interviews with the developers (found here http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/cs/list/acecombat3/relay-essay/index.html) but he went AWOL soon after the first release.
  There are 23 pages/files left to go, with the next one (#2) being the shortest at just one page. If anyone could help us with these, we'd be very grateful!
『エースコンバット2』は“ミリタリー系リアル”を追求しましたが、 「もっと多くの方々に遊んでもらいたい!」という願いから、 「とにかく新しいモノを作ろう!」と意気込んで、スタートしました。


キャラクターを登場させたのも、HUDのデザインを変更したのも、悩みに悩んだあげく、そういった期待を込めて開発していました。 …というわけで、ホントに新しいコトに、いっぱいチャレンジしました。

気が付いたら、もう後戻りは出来ない内容になっていました。 (笑)





 The translated text will be fully credited and published on our blog, http://useatoday.blogspot.com/.

Thank you for reading,

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