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Anyone happen to be knowledgeable about these?  I've been playing Cosmic Fantasy Stories II on my PSP using "PCE for PSP" and I've gotten pretty far.  But now the game errors out after a boss (Major Payne to be exact).  Obviously my first through was to transfer my saves to another emulator, get past, and then transfer back.  However, it seems either every emulator uses different formats, or the one I'm using uses a format none of the others use.

I have tried (in windows)
Magic Engine
PSPHugo (on PSP)

None of them liked the save data, and they REALLY didn't like the save states.  So if anyone has a hint here or would like to assist me somehow please let me know.

The error I'm getting is "CDオープソエラー"  on "I5.iso" which doesn't exist, and really probably shouldn't exist as 15 is an mp3 and "I5" makes no sense as a file.  My only guess is the emulator doesn't handle games that have many files very well?

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