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Newcomer's Board / YY-CHR in Wine
« on: January 21, 2017, 05:41:03 am »
I got a new laptop last week, and I thought it was high time to upgrade some of the tools I use as well. I must have been using a really old version of YY-CHR before, because the way it loads the English language file appears to be different in the last version of it. I looked at the (vague) instructions of loading the language file:

Code: [Select]
How to use a language file
if language file is exist, it load automatic.
the language file must be named extension that is 3 charactor system locale .

1.Check your system LOCALE 3byte charactor.
    English(UK) >   eng
    English(US) >   enu
    Japanese    >   jpn

2.Rename language file extension.
    Language file   >   yychr.eng
    English(UK)     >   yychr.ENG
    English(US)     >   yychr.ENU
    Japanese        >   yychr.JPN

Both "yychr.ENG" and "yychr.ENU" exist, but when loaded in Wine, it isn't loading, just a bunch of boxes and other assorted characters indicating that it is still trying to load it in Japanese. Anyone have success with this?

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