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Hej guys!

Phantasy Star on Genesis/Megadrive is a wonderful RPG saga,
however the music on the third episode - PSIII Generations of Doom
has great themes, but but really annoying samples, like for instance
that horrible battle music.

The question: does anyone know if there is any hack out there that
fixes or replaces the Phatasy Star III tunes? At least that noisy battle theme?


Dear friends,

Ultima III Exodus is a game I always loved playing. For me it is one of the best RPGs on NES.
I love Ultima IV too, it's a very well done conversion of the PC classic, however, the music on the NES version is soo annoying most of the time.
The songs have no "spirit"! No mood! In my opinion they did not fit well on the way the game was supposed to be.

So, I have this idea in mind for quite a long time...
Imagine NES Ultima IV with music of NES Ultima III Exodus!

Is this feasible?
Is it a task who a experienced rom hacker could accomplish?

Thanks, guys!

Hello, guys!

The title speaks by itself.
Is it possible to modify the color palette on Moon Patrol?

The arcade game could look awesome if it was possible to
modify the colors. For a lunar game, that shock light green is
so... so... not lunar at all!

So, I have two ideas:

The first one would be to just exchange the color of the
graphics using the very own palette. Just switching
the object colors. Replace the green color for other
color already used in the graphics, something like that.

The second one is to import new colors inside the rom.
Modify/replace the game colors for new ones, some
really nice brown and gray lunar hues. Maybe turn the
game more similar as to its version on Atari 5200.

Do you think it is possible?
I tried to find any tool capable to handle MAME rom hacking
but I was not lucky in my search.



Hack with very own game palette, just replacing the green and the orange.

Hack with Atari5200 colors:


September 02, 2013, 07:59:57 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Answering my own question, it looks like every arcade rom has its graphics compressed on a singular way, differently from each other (or at least, each publisher/company had its own method). So, it is not simple or easy to uncompress a arcade game rom without writing/creating tools for decompress it too. Am I right? Maybe this is why there is no arcade hacking tools available anywhere!


Hello guys,

I love the Contra games so much, really like them!
However Contra 4 became a nightmare to play using the original bundled controlling configuration Y + B.
Y shoots. B jumps. This is horrible...

I really would love to hack the rom to have the classic B+A.
B shots. A jumps.

However I have no idea how to hack this on a NDS game.
Do you think it is possible at all?

Looking forward for some hope!

Hey guys!

I love the romhacking subject and I really appreciate the
efforts that so many people have been doing thru all these
years improving, translating, fixing and modifying console games.

But there is a question that pursues me for a long time...

Why nobody hack classic arcade games?
Shinobi! Shadow Dancer! Golden Axe! Thunder Fox! Etc etc...

I have a dream project --- I really wild like to just
change the COLORS/COLOR pallete of classic Moon Patrol game.
It's so, how can I say, foolish to ride a moon rider on those
pink and green colors.

I really would like to just change the colors to something
more realistic, rock and sand hues, things like that.

But I can find anywhere anything related to hack
Mame games, except for a program caller TURACO, if I remember well.
However the program require specific romset releases and it is
a nightmare to find such binaries out there.

Well, thanks for your attention!

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