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Script Help and Language Discussion / Kimagure Orange Road Stuff
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:19:55 pm »
Working with Esperknight on a translation of the Kimagure Orange Road game for PC98. Have a few passages so far that need a second look.

From today, the long-awaited summer vacation.  The spot where I can extend my wings with all my strength...

Sayuri Hirose. Her cuteness is a weapon, her appearance hides her terrible hobby as the "handsome hunter". Has a burning feeling of rivalry with Madoka because of Kyosuke.

父  「おまえももう高校生だろう。いくら夏休みだからといっても、やることがあるだろう。」
Dad: You're also already a high school student. (???)

Master: I talked on the phone, (?), Madoka is sad(?)

馬 男 「ああ、牛子さん。あなたはなぜ、牛子さんなんだ・・・」
牛 子 「馬男さん、あなたこそ、どーして馬男さんなの?」
Umao: Ah, Ushiko. Why, why are you
Ushiko: Umao, you, why are you?
(The joke in the Anime is that these characters always are saying the same romantic stock phases. Any thoughts toward a good substituteas opposed to a straight translation? This doesn't feel quite right somehow.)

Also, the main character's sisters call him おにーちゃん fairly often. To me, translating this as "brother" all the time seems a bit weird; I think it works better if they call him by his name. Thoughts?

Script Help and Language Discussion / The Screamer stuff
« on: September 10, 2009, 10:24:36 am »
My Japanese has improved considerably lately, and I've been getting back to work on this game. I'm working on getting the first menu translated.
Right now, there is a passage on the first screen that has been troublesome.

なにせ いのちしらずが おおくてね,
Nanise inochishirazu ga ookute ne

かおを  おぼえきれないのさ
kao wa oboekirenainosa

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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