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I know this isn't hacking news, but holy hell this can not go unmentioned!
It's being renamed "Trials of Mana", which kinda fits the storyline.
This will be for the Switch and PS4.
Then there's the UK version(not much different if at all, but it seems you Brits are getting some Mana love too!);
I think I like the UK trailer version better as there is less narration and the mention of the Collection at the end...
Granted, there has been the fan translation out since the late 90's(Thank You Neill Corlett), so the game could be played by non-japanese readers/speakers. Still this is looking excellent! I was almost drooling when I saw those videos.
Then came this;
Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
 :o  :thumbsup:  :beer:  :crazy:  :woot!:
Oh yes, today is a good day!

A new video that I missed showing gameplay of both the remake and the original SNES title in the collection;
Also has interviews with the DEVS!

Gaming Discussion / Star Fox 2 Fan Finished Vs Official Release Versions
« on: September 30, 2017, 04:11:44 pm »
So now that it's been released, and presuming you've seen/played/finished both the unofficial and official versions, which do you like better? And why?

ROM Hacking Discussion / PAL-->NTSC Patches
« on: March 07, 2017, 07:23:43 am »
Question, What is the purpose of the NTSC patches for certain PAL games? Wouldn't it just be easier to play the actual NTSC versions?

Personal Projects / Super Metroid Less Linear Mods
« on: October 20, 2016, 06:34:25 pm »
This thread is now home for discussion of all of my Super Metroid mods.

The general goals if my mods are to make the subject hacks for Super Metroid less linear but also bring the difficultly level for some that are very difficult down to a level that is in line with the difficultly of the original game. The idea behind that aspect is that most people[myself included] play games to have fun and relax in an adventure that we can enjoy, not be frustrated, irritated or leave us feeling like we've wasted a bunch of time. Put another way, my goals are to make these games playable and enjoyable by the general gaming audience, not the gaming masochists who beg for punishment.

Finished is a project making the original Super Metroid, as the name suggests, less linear. While not completely non-linear, the player now has the freedom to go just about anywhere upon landing on Zebes. Effort was given not to change the general/over-all difficulty of the game and most seem to agree that this goal was achieved.

Also finished is Hyper Metroid LLE, which follows the same idea.

Super Metroid LLE project page;

Hyper Metroid LLE project page;

Should any bugs or problems be discovered, please reply here. Will look into the problem in a timely manner.

The current two projects are LLE's for Super Metroid ReImagined using version 1.40 as a base and Super Metroid YPR using version 1.02 as a base. "ReImagined" is coming along but is taking more time than the other. This project will go into public beta as soon as the main editing is finished and a few playthroughs have been completed. Due to limitations of how the SMILE utility interacts with this game, a few areas of the game are completely unchanged, and some have only very minor changes[doors and the like]. Done the best with the time I have. "YPR" is very near completion and will be out for public beta soon!

   Rom Requirements for all of my Super Metroid Projects
           Original Super Metroid rom, without a header
      File size;           3072KB[3,145,728 bytes]
      CRC32;      D22C4B35 or D63ED5F8 [Either one will work flawlessly.]

      Use your favorite IPS patching utility to apply the patch to the rom.
      LunarIPS is recommended for Windows users.

Am now seriously exploring the idea of making LLE mods for a number of other existing hacks, including Golden Dawn, and have begun tinkering with them.
Won't be jumping into them full force until current projects in real life are complete.

Note to other game hacking/modding sites:
You are welcome to host any of these projects on your site if you would like.
I ask only that proper credit is given and that the patch NOT be pre-applied to a ROM.[Really, how hard is it to apply a patch?]
Otherwise, have at it and have fun!

These projects are protected by standing fair-use legal code and case-law. ANY and ALL "Cease & Desist" requests will be ignored. Thank You.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Zelda Challenge Outlands- Zed Edition
« on: May 08, 2014, 01:21:09 pm »
Hey everyone!

This is not my first hack, but it is the first I'm submitting for public use/viewing. Here's my work so far.

This hack is based on one from the now defunct Challenge Games team. ZeldaC - Outlands was an interesting and mostly fun game. The dungeons are great fun, yet the overworld was maddeningly frustrating at best. So I endeavored to lighten the frustration level a bit. The changes to the overworld are mostly cosmetic to allow more freedom of movement. But more enemies were added to keep things somewhat balanced. The white sword starts out right in from of you. A few shops and caves have been moved/changed/removed. The items in the shops were changed as well. One of the shops now sells the red ring, magic sword and magic key[all for 255 rupees].

I take credit ONLY for the changes made since the last version released by the Challenge team, which was years ago. I have not modified the credits.

I've finish the patch, but have yet to figure out how to post/submit the actual file itself. I've looked through the forum and haven't found any options to upload the .ips file. Am I missing something? If it were a snake, would I dead from the bite?

May 08, 2014, 01:30:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Oh, I forgot to mention that the tools I used are equal to one, ZeldaTech 3.4b by snarfblam.

Also, per Nightcrawlers additional rules, I would be happy to submit the file and write a news article. Writing a news article is the easy part. Submitting the file seems a bit more of a challenge.

Gaming Discussion / SOM Drop Edit
« on: October 15, 2013, 07:52:50 pm »
This utility was posted not to long ago and there seems to be a problem getting it running. The author does not seem to have a profile for RHDN so getting in touch with him/her is not an option quite yet. One of the admin's for RHDN stated that they were able to get it running "trivially on Windows 7 with Java 7". There are 4 of us here that are having no trivial problem running it. If it were just one of us we might think it was a "configuration problem", but as all of us are having the exact same problem, we think it might be the utility itself, regardless of the success of the admin in question. Has anyone else had success and if so, would you like to share how you achieved that success in a reasonable amount of detail? We would be most grateful.

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