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Newcomer's Board / The "Non Compliant Rules" need to be updated
« on: May 16, 2021, 03:47:00 pm »
Hello, i spend a lot of time on the database.
The other day i notice something curious.
A person registered, never posted anything and submitted a patch and never logged back again.
I checked the hash of this hack because it didn't do what it said.
And i realized it matched the hash of another existing hack (which he claimed his was based on).
When in reality it wasn't just based on, it was the same file, an exact copy.

So i flagged it as non-compliant.

And to my surprise i was rejected. "This is not a valid reason to remove something". I'm told.
Well, if this is not a valid reason then there are no valid reasons i'm afraid.

I'm pretty sure, if people or bots wanted could fill the database with similar entries. What is our protection to this?


"You can remove the file and write a note in the description saying the patch is missing"

It seemed very little so i did that the bare minimum allowed by the mod.

Which leads to my second surprise: They allowed the note, but reinstated the file.

Well then, that's not optimal you see. People keeps downloading a "fake" patch believing it is something it's not. The author is MIA. And the rules won't let me do anything about it.

I know my opinion is worth absolutely 0 or less. But heck this is such a turn off, it makes you want to not report anything at all.

Could someone from higher up maybe think about this? here's the link

Hello, There are undubs for this game made by emuler posted at assembler games.
But there's a problem and i wonder if anyone can help here?

1) The NTSC patch doesn't take the known good dump it uses an unknown ISO. IDK if there's a way around this?
2) The PAL patch Works with redump PAL dump. BUT. It's not just UNDUB it's also the Spanish Patch: (2 in 1 spanish+undub). IS there a way to turn this patch into JUST undub? Remove the Spanish patch from it?

I hope i made sense.

Hello, i'm looking to remove a short intro video (STR) from a PSX game and i want to rebuild it as bin/cue afterwards.
The goal of this is that i want to play this game on a PSP but the PSP gets stuck when this logo is supposed to play.
So if i could delete it form the game maybe the PSP could skip it run the game.

So basically i need something like UMDGen but for PSX.
I'm not sure if the game will work after removing this intro (who knows?) but i must try  ::)

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