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I'm not going to go into too many details to protect the ID of the person who's working on the translation, but I felt a community opinion could help them decide what to do.

A friend of mine has been working on a retranslation for a beloved PSX title, and recently found something that has them considering dropping the project entirely.

Basically, one of the enemies that you go around slaughtering was mistranslated in the NA release, but when translated correctly is the name of a division of Judaism.

So they basically view it as a MASSIVELY anti-semitic game with the proper translations in place, since you're going around killing monsters named after jews (they're worried about getting arrested for it, on top of any other concerns).

So basically, I'm asking for community advice on the best way to handle such a sensitive topic.

I can think of 2 solutions, either keep the original mistranslation for that one word, or put a disclaimer in the readme that any views and ideas expressed in the game are not shared by the retranslator.


I'm hoping Someone who knows how could spare the time to make a quick remaster of this track:

Original SPC:!PAZk2TJA!iF4E2JwnQq8n2gOvfEO9ifIyvSPZsnvR2HYKzlAIlyo
Wav of a single loop:!XEwU0I7T!WNUX4FvL9jsDdk1PGXQyXhPj-0ld-D633u--11XFBnc

This is a very short piece, a 48 second loop consisting of a 36 notes (4 sections with a 10-10-7-9 note pattern), with a single instrument (church bells).

I'm just hoping to get the song with more realistic sounding church bells, don't want or need anything fancier done.

I don't know much about remastering, but I'd guess this would even be possible by converting the SPC to MIDI, then swapping out the audio samples the MIDI uses.


Given that this is a single-instrument piece that's only 36 notes long, I'm guessing remastering it would only be an hours work or so, if I'm wrong and this would be something that would take much longer, please let me know.

Hi all, I've been doing a lot of the (more recent) audio work for the Final Fantasy VI Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod (, and in my researching songs and albums to convert, I stumbled accross the FFVI Special Tracks album.

What the Special Tracks album is, is several songs that were written for FFVI, but not included in the game. Among the tracks are 2 town theme songs, titled Town 2 ( and Town 3 (

Thanks to the MSU-1 mod, it's now actually possible to add these songs back into the game! The problem is, to do that as-is, you'd have to replace 2 of the existing town themes to add them in.

Now here's where the fun starts.

I decided to try and mod the game, to add the 2 songs in without removing any of the existing tracks, by changing the map defaults for an area to track 90 (5A - Town 2) and track 91 (5B - Town 3). Both of these addresses are blank, so would normally just result in silence, but thanks to the MSU-1 mod, we can play the PCM tracks for those addresses!

Sounds simple right? And there are already a few tools out there capable of doing this type of edit!

So after MUCH MUCH work, and playing around with Zone Doctor CE (, I finally manage to finish the mod (Zone Doctor just did not want to cooperate with actually saving the edits I made, turns out it will only save the FIRST time you click save, it won't actually save any changes after that no matter how often you click save).

I set Town 2 to play in the classroom in Narshe (where the NPCs tell you about the game's mechanics and it normally plays the prelude), and Town 3 to play in South Figaro.

Now here's where my problem comes in. The Pub in South Figaro, map id 78 (4E), is set to track 00 by default, rather than the track 42 (Kids Run Through the City Corner) it's set to on every other map in South Figaro.

The map has some kind of code that handles song selection. With the change in default song from track 00 to track 91, Town 3 does play in the pub, and the song even changes to Under Martial Law properly at that point in the game, but the bit where Shadow is introduced on your first visit to the town? It doesn't play Shadow's Theme anymore. Also the song restarts every time you enter the Pub, where it should continue where it was playing before you entered the Pub.

I've been wrestling with this problem for a few days now, and I finally gave up on figuring it out myself. I have no game hacking experience, don't know ASM, and don't even know how to properly use the debugger options in the various emulators.

I'm hoping someone who knows what they're doing could take a look at this and track down where I need to make the change to get the song for the Pub changed properly.

I strongly suspect that what I need is somewhere in the code that handles Shadow's introduction events, though I'm not sure if it would be the bit on the town map, or the bit for his appearance in the Pub itself, but I have no clue how to track it down.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Newcomer's Board / Newbie debugging help for SNES
« on: November 04, 2017, 01:00:27 am »
Hi, I'm trying to find the specific RAM address FFIII (VI) US rev 1.0 uses to identify which area's map to load.

Thanks to tools like this:

I know the native values for each map, but what I don't know is how to use a debugger to find the area of RAM I need to monitor for those values.

I tried playing with the debugger in BSNES-plus, but couldn't figure things out.

If there's a debugger for SNES that would work similar to Cheat Engine (where I can go to a location in-game, do a search for that locations value, go to another location, search the results of the last one for ones that match the new value, and so on and so forth until I have the exact RAM location identified), that would be ideal. But I don't really know how debuggers for SNES work.

For reference, I'm helping the main hacker of the FFVI Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod (my help has primarily been on the audio side of things). Insidious needs this RAM address to fix a few of the bugs that have popped up, and has been having trouble (and/or not enough spare time) tracking it down, so I wanted to try and help. (none of the existing RAM maps we've been able to find have the location we're looking for listed)

November 05, 2017, 02:18:08 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
OK, playing around with stuff myself, it turns out Snes9x's cheat search function works almost exactly like a less user-friendly version of Cheat Engine. I was able to locate the RAM address rather easily with it.

It looks like the RAM address is 7E0082, though Insidious still needs to check it out to verify that's what he needs (I've got a list of a few other addresses it could be if that's not the address, but that's the only address to properly give the value of the worldmap).

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