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Script Help and Language Discussion / Battle Golfer Yui
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:23:26 am »
Good news! This project is coming along very well.

However, a couple of lines in the intro are bugging me.

During the intro sequence we have a lowly subordinate bringing the results of the computer calculations to the leader of an evil organization. They say "These are the two the computer came up with this time."

It's two people, who have the potential to be "battle golfers", after being unethically modified that is. Incidentally they are our two main characters, the first of whom is named Yui Mizuhara.

;「バトルゴルファーの そたい としては さいてきかと おもわれます」

;「はじめの そたいが ミズハラ ユイです」

The term that's getting me is そたい. I feel like it's being used like "candidate". The only word this seems like it could be is 素体, but that appears to be some mathematical term "finite field/prime field".

This kind of makes sense as finite group of potential battle golfers, but it seems like an odd usage of the word. Especially when it says, "The first そたい is Yui Mizuhara". She's the first finite field? :(

Any ideas?

Script Help and Language Discussion / Suggestions しぶい
« on: November 21, 2017, 04:51:11 am »
Reaching out for suggestions. There is a parade for the heroes and it appears people are calling out saying things like "I love you hero!", "Thank you hero!". One apparent bystander calls out, "「しぶいぞ、[side character]!"

I get that this can be "cool" or "stoic", but rather than just go for "you're so cool!" I figured I'd put out a request for suggestions. Can you think of anything more しぶい-like that doesn't sound silly?

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][NES] Outlanders
« on: November 03, 2017, 01:51:39 am »
Seeking willing rom hacker to insert English translated script into Outlanders for the Famicom/NES.

Current work is available here: Outlanders English Translated Script Package

Script Help and Language Discussion / Term from SWAT (famicom)
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:11:35 am »
I'm uncertain of the term "しゅうよう", as it appears in the script for SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics on the Famicom. From context it appears to be "extraction/retrieval" or something to that effect. In that case I assume it's "収容", but I'm making a lot of assumptions and would appreciate input.

Code: [Select]
さくせん しゅうりょう。[BR]
operation terminate.[BR]
Please begin[BR]
しゅうようを かいしする[ED]
initiate しゅうよう.[ED]

さくせん しゅうりょう。[BR]
operation terminate.[BR]
Please begin[BR]
「いや まて![BR]
"No, wait![BR]
まだ てきが[BR]
There appear to be[BR]
enemies remaining.[ED]

Howdy. I'm approaching completion of the script for Maison Ikkoku on the Famicom, and I'd like to request help with trouble spots here.

This is a phone call, seemingly to your buddy Sakamoto.

Huh, Godai?[PAUSE]右[LINE]
金のけん もういいって?[PAUSE]二[LINE]

I believe he says, "I'm not rich either. See ya. Click-..." but I'm unsure of "金のけん もういいって?". Particularly what the "ken" is.

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][NES] Hello Dracula 2 (a.k.a Kyonshiizu 2)
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:28:26 pm »
Seeking willing rom hacker to insert the English translated script into Hello Dracula 2 a.k.a Kyonshiizu 2 for the Famicom.

Current work is available here: Kyonshiizu 2 (Hello Dracula 2) English Translated Script Package

I'm finishing up with Kyonshiizu 2 which became an impromptu project when I dumped the script to assist with Translations of early Famicom games

I'd like some help with the credits if anyone is brave enough. It seems like one of those joke name situations, but since I hit the designer/designers and it's hard to make sense of.

Code: [Select]
プログラマ さだもん と がーふあんくる[BR]
Programmers: Sadamon and Garfunkel[BR]
      はかせ と その かよいづま[BR]
      The Professor and That Long Distance Spouse[BR]
デザイナー あべる あべれば あべるとき[BR]
プランナー かある くらうざあ いのまた[BR]
サッキョク だんじり だんじり くむくむ[BR]
ガンバッタ みにもん ぼん おーちゃんず[BR]

      だめいじでざいなあ かーさき[BR]

      かきこみジユウな てっちゃん[BR]



Addition 1 ===========================

There is an item in the game called "とくべつれいのふく".

The FAQ on GameFAQs calls this "Special Spirit Clothes". I haven't played the game much myself, but I assume it is indeed an outfit, and it appears to be necessary to travel to the spirit world via "れいかいもん" or "Spirit World Gate" (霊界門).

The FAQ writer seems to have taken the cue from "spirit world gate" for the "れい" in "とくべつれいのふく". I'd go for "Special Spirit Outfit" but still, this seems awkward.

There are other options for "rei" though I don't know that they make any more sense. Thoughts, ideas?


Addition 2 ===========================


The aforementioned FAQ on GameFAQs calls this Egg Bullet (たまごだん) - Attack +1. Range: Projectile. Hold 99 max.

I assume this would be 卵弾, but again this sounds awkward. What's an egg bullet? What fires it? Maybe "Egg Projectile", "Egg Shot"? Thoughts, ideas?

Script Help and Language Discussion / いいこと教えてあげる
« on: August 15, 2017, 12:45:40 am »
I love how script writers tend to have these certain phrases and words they rely on.

In my current script, the author uses "いいこと教えてあげる" on several occasions. I'm not satisfied with "Let me tell you something good/I'll tell you something good". It's too awkward.

I found a short exchange advocating for "I'll tell you what".

However, I feel like it could have the connotation of "I'll let you in on a little secret."


This is an interesting script since it's all kana. It's technically all katakana, but this script dump is all hiragana for sanity.

I'm stuck on the following lines. They are random NPC lines as far as I know unless otherwise noted.




Not sure about the "hoi" here. Like "koi" maybe?
"Come this way. I'll defeat you."(?)

あっちむいて ほい!

あんたの まけ<END>


Something about a lamp which is an item in this game.
Not sure what you may know. "Do you know the make of the lamp?"(?)




There's a town to the northern, or is is southern outskirts(?)

みなみか きたの



These lines directly follow the above lines but probably aren't related. I think this has to do with paying for information, maybe?

もうあんたには あきれるよ




Again I think this is paying for info.





This is about a password within the game. You collect a bunch.
"As for that you should say a password there is no limit?" Kagiranai?




Seeking willing romh acker to insert English translated script into Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai.

Current work is available here: Zoids - Battle of Central Continent English Translated Script Package

This may be somewhat incidental to this line, but would someone please help me with ふっかつせん in this sentence? Otherwise this script should be complete! (minus the menu :P )

せいとうなるせんしが やくそくのばしょ[LINE]
It's passed down in this land that
に あらわれるとき おおいなるちから[LINE]
when a true warrior appears in the
ふっかつせん このちにつたわことばです。[PAGE]
place fortold, a great power ???.

So... I dumped the script for this, and it's so small I'll probably have it done in a couple of days.

However! I think I have all the dialog text, but I can't find the menu, nor the English "data" text pictured below. :-[

I don't know why, but it doesn't appear to follow the encoding that the rest of the game uses, and has been resistant to all forms of relative searching I've thrown at it.

Would someone please track that down for me? At least the menu text. I'm not sure that the data text will need editing, it just seemed odd to me that I couldn't find it.

Ultimately, like with Miho Nakayama, I'm not going to be able to insert this myself as I'm not that skilled, so if anyone is interested in that portion of this project, please let me know!


I created this in Personal Projects, but it was moved around so let me know if I should make updates like this in PP, or just move it again.

So here's the title screen inserted into the game:

Only my second title screen. These are more fiddly than I expected, this one saving one blank 8x8 tile in the title graphic meant adjusting things slightly, but it seems to have come out okay.


Two fonts I'm considering currently. Font 1 is a Dragon Quest font from this site. The second is the serif font I was considering for Nakayama Miho (I think). As this is somewhat a DQ clone, I though the DQ font might be appropriate. The serif font however fits more closely with the original all-caps font. Thoughts?

Hello! Now that I'm getting close to finished with this script, I'd like to ask for help with some of Sadakichi's lines. He seems to speak Kansai-ben, which I haven't had to deal with much before now. I've puzzled out a lot of his lines with some intuition and this guide, but I'd like to ask for help with some lines.

This is where he's introducing himself. Any help appreciated:
さて 1にちのじゅぎょうもおわり…[LINE]
Well, today's lessons are over.[LINE]
Big Head[STARTDIALOG]Yo, a fellow oddball.[LINE]
 こんなじきに てんこうしてきよって。[LINE]
Who transfers this time of year?[LINE]
「わいのなまえは やまむらさだきちや。[LINE]
My name's Sadakichi Yamamura.
 わいは おとこの ゆうじょうちゅうもんを[LINE]
 たいせつにしとるんや。ばっちり めんどう[LINE]
 みたるさかい まあ よろしゅうな。($FF)

I'll probably have some more lines in the near future.

Personal Projects / Chibi Maruko-chan Uki Uki Shopping
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:20:04 pm »
Here's another one. :) Chibi Maruko-chan Uki Uki Shopping. It's a board game where you compete against computer or human opponents to visit a set number of locations and get the most happiness points. You can shop at the various locations for kids toys and candy, many of which seem to be either actual products, or are based on real products.

As with the other projects I started recently, I've made table files, dumped the script, inserted a font, and started translation. I considered making a "Filler's Translation Projects" thread, but decided to keep these projects separate for now.

BTW: This has a ridiculous text encoding. Most of it is just a jumble of characters.

Example:  :D
Code: [Select]

Personal Projects / Idol Hakkenden
« on: April 06, 2017, 03:38:39 pm »
In keeping with the idol theme, the next one is Idol Hakkenden, a comedy-adventure game by Natsume that features nice music.

Apparently the family head of a great zaibatsu is nearing death and challenges her three granddaughters to impress her over three months to inherit the fortune. We follow Erika who sets out to use her talents at singing and dancing to become a star.

According to Japanese Wikipedia, it has nothing to do with Nansou Satomi Hakkenden , except that there are eight people who become friends.

So far I've made a table file (JP and EN), manually dumped the script, translated and partially inserted the menu items, and inserted a font. This time I tried the #4 font that was the runner up for Nakayama Miho, but I think I'll switch it to the Miho font since I think it will look a little nicer.

Not that I don't have a million other projects to work on, but I got restless the other night and did something I haven't done since 2005. I made a table file.

More specifically, I fired up a tile editor and messed around with a couple roms I'm interested in, Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki Gakuen being the one that I was able to find the font for, not to mention the title graphics.

I've since made a seemingly complete table file, (manually) located the text for menus, ending, and dialog, and translated a couple blocks of the main script.

So, yay?

The text encoding totally doesn't follow the order of the font, so that took a little trial and error. The game does some interesting things like using 01 as a switch in the text engine to enable or disable katakana display. It's also got the usual diacritical marks separate from the characters that use them which is typical for 8 bit stuff.

It also uses a bunch of, I don't know, single byte entries for words and partial words. Whatever you want to call that. The bummer is, that it doesn't seem to use the exact same encoding for all text with the ending, and maybe the messages using some bytes to represent different stuff than the regular dialog.

Anyway, for now I have a question. Since it's been at least over a decade since I did any graphics editing, how can you copy paste graphics into something like YY-CHR?

I know I've added fonts to games before, and I swear I didn't sit in the editor and recreate them with the pencil tool. No ideal what I used to do though.  :-\

Maison Ikkoku was a fun project David and I did for the PCE about 9 years ago. Since I'd love to see all the Famicom games completed, I thought I'd ask if someone wants to handle the technical work for the Famicom version of the game.

Since I've already translated the game, the script portion should go quickly. Please respond or dm me if interested.

Mods, feel free to move this to the appropriate forum. I was told not to make requests for technical help in the help wanted ads.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Help with a few lines.
« on: January 08, 2017, 01:42:48 pm »
Help with a few lines. The particles are tripping me up here and I want to make sure I get it as right as possible.

An understanding has been reached regarding Voronkov.(?)
They cannot accompany us due to what happened between those two.(???)
However, I... I'm worried about [$0C01].

Script Help and Language Discussion / メデューン Medyun?
« on: April 28, 2016, 05:49:39 pm »
I've run across a monster name, メデューン which I'm having trouble finding anything concrete on. Here's a sample description

It should be extinct, but it was revived from a fossil using Medeyun's power.

I'm currently wondering if it's some Asian myth or deity. Any guesses?

Script Help and Language Discussion / Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Game Title
« on: September 10, 2013, 10:45:39 pm »
I'm researching the Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai game series because apparently that's the kind of thing I do in my spare time. I ran across this title:

ちゅ~かな雀士 てんほー牌娘

Seems "tenhou" is a special hand in mahjong, "Blessing of Heaven", but I don't know what the "chuukana" could be getting at. Any ideas?

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