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ROM Hacking Discussion / How do you research a translation project?
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:07:30 am »
Specifically I'm wondering how do you determine if someone else has already completed a project in your target language, or if someone else is already working on the project?

I'm curious since I myself have started a project someone was already working on, and I've seen it happen to others. I've also recently found a project that was completed, but never submitted to RHDN.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Available Scripts
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:48:05 am »
I have more scripts than I can translate currently, and may be dumping more in the future. The list of available scripts is below. Let me know if you'd like to help out.

Golf-Girl Open (Golfkko Open) (Famicom/NES)
Metal Max* (Famicom/NES)
Chibi Maruko-chan Uki Uki Shopping (Famicom/NES)
A Taxing Woman (Marusa no Onna) (Famicom/NES)
Spaceship - Cosmo Carrier (Uchuusen - Cosmo Carrier) (Famicom/NES)
First Kiss Story* (PC-FX)
Ah! Megami-sama* (partial) (PC-FX)
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2* (partial) (PC)

* Has technical help (probably)

NOTE: I'd like to license these under a non-commercial, attribution license to be released publicly for folks to use in their English language, or other language translation projects, or hacks/remixes. By assisting, you're agreeing to these terms.

MODS: This isn't appropriate for Help Wanted, but feel free to move it to Personal Projects or something if you prefer.

Script Help and Language Discussion / GunHed - Aratanaru Tatakai Intro
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:58:08 am »
Anyone want to translate this intro for me?

FYI: I went ahead and translated this. I feel it is self evident, but for clarification, I posted for help on this not because I couldn't translate it, but because I was hoping someone might have some spare time to knock it out while I worked on other stuff. Trying to delegate in an attempt to enhance my throughput. :)

I'm not posting this for feedback specifically, but it's welcome if you have any.

Code: [Select]
2005ねん あじあの りくちから 80[BR]
In the year 2005 the world's first[BR]
0きろ はなれた かざんとう ″8JO″[BR]
fully automated mining area was[BR]
に せかいで はじめての ふるおーとめ[BR]
established on the volcanic island[BR]
ーしょん こうぎょう ちいきが けんせ[BR]
of "Hachijo", 800 kilometers off[BR]
つ された。[BR]
the coast of Asia.[BR]
しせつの ちゅうしんは せかいさいだいの[BR]
At the center of the facility was the[BR]
こんぴゅーたー ″かいろん5″である。[BR]
world's largest computer, Chiron 5.[BR]
それから20ねんご ぜんせかいに たい[BR]
20 years later, beginning with a[BR]
し せんせんふこくを はじめた かいろん[BR]
proclamation of war against the whole[BR]
5と がんへっど だいたいの せんそ[BR]
world, general war occurred between[BR]
うが このしまで おこなわれ そのご[BR]
Chiron 5 and Gunhead, following which[BR]
しまは せいじゃくに つつまれた・・・・[BR]
the island fell into silence.[BR]
そのご きんだんのしま″8JO″に[BR]
After that, the incident that occurred[BR]
おこった できごとは すでに わす[BR]
on the forbidden island "Hachijo"[BR]
れさられて いるかと おもわれていた。[BR]
was thought to have been forgotten.[BR]
しかし このしまで また あらたなる [BR]
However, I wonder if anyone[BR]
たたかいが くりひろげられようと し[BR]
could have known that a new[BR]
ていることを だれが しりえただろ[BR]
battle was about to unfold upon[BR]
this very island...[BR]
8JOに のこされたちょうえねるぎーの[BR]
Those with various motives to get their[BR]
ひみつを てにしたものが それぞれの[BR]
hands on the secret of super-energy left[BR]
おもわくをひめ″8JO″に むかった。[BR]
behind on Hachijo, headed for the island.[BR]
あらたなる たたかいは ここから はじ[BR]
A new battle begins, starting[BR]

Code: [Select]
このさくせんは 1ねんかん[BR]

びちーっと ねりにねって[BR]


EDIT: K. I think this is "この作戦は一年間ぴちっと練りに練っていたんだぜ". Something like "This operation was tightly devised for a years time."

No context for the above. It's in a section with lines of dialog from both hostages/bystanders, and terrorists. I think the protagonist(s) are silent.

Code: [Select]
This is a song from 1889.

The above line appears on it's own.

Code: [Select]
This seems to be a Fist of the North Star reference.

As does this.

Code: [Select]
まったりとして それでいて[BR]


いいしごとを している[ED]

EDIT: So ended up asking about this over on Japanese Stack Exchange. I guess I was overthinking it a bit as it seems to be a well-known/used phrase for which there is no set English translation. It's something like "It's rich in flavor, but not TOO rich." Whether this is actually referring to food, or in some way metaphorically to the job the SWAT team is doing (the phrase ends with "Yeah, you're doing a good job." is unclear, but hopefully will be apparent when play-testing.

This appears in some kind of meme. It may originate from Oishinbo, but I'm not sure. Meme's below:

EDIT: Here's one more.

Code: [Select]


EDIT: I think this is "年寄りを粗末粗末にしおって", something like, "I've ended up treating the elderly poorly."(?)

And another. Anyone know what the "てか" is implying?

Code: [Select]

I think this is like "I give up... No wait!"

Looking for a willing ROM hacker to insert the already English translated script, and perform necessary tasks to ensure all Japanese text appears in English, for Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijou Yuukai Jiken for the NES/Famicom.

English translated script and some notes available here:

Looking for a willing ROM hacker to insert the script (and other necessary tasks to ensure all Japanese text appears in English) for City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle for the NES/Famicom.

English translated script and some notes available here:

Howdy. :)

I'm looking for advice on two particular collisions of translations for unit/forces types in Power DoLLS 3. Additionally, I will list all unit types here for the sake of my future normalization efforts. I welcome feedback on the translations, but for now I'm wondering about two instances in particular.

The first is:

偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Infiltration Unit(s)

I've translated both of these as "reconnaissance", the first because it's a definition in JDICT, and the second after finding that "潜入工作" is a part of "潜入工作員" which is a spy ( and reconnaissance is a synonym for espionage which is a synonym for spying. (

I'm currently thinking of this:

偵察部隊 Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)

Or this:

偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Infiltration Unit(s)

Thoughts? Other ideas?

The second is:

強襲降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
強行降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))

I found these two similar terms that I translated identically. 強襲 has a definition of "assault" in JDICT, while "強行" is enforcement. It's also defined as force/enforce/enforced.

I probably just need to do some more research on the second term, but I appreciate any help/input.

Here is the list of units/forces with my current translation. Alternate translations are separated by /, and a possibly more normalized version is included in ().


偵察部隊 Reconnaissance Unit(s)/Scout Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Infiltration Unit(s)/Reconnaissance Unit(s)
偵察部隊 Recon Unit(s)
潜入工作部隊 Infiltration Unit(s)
戦車部隊 Tank Unit(s)
先行突入部隊 Lead Storm Unit(s)
後方支援部隊 Logistical Support Unit(s)
強襲降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
強行降下部隊 Assault Paratroops (assault paratrooper unit(s))
強行降下部隊 Shock Paratroops (shock paratrooper unit(s))
強行索敵部隊 Shock Scout Unit(s)
降下部隊 Paratroops (paratrooper unit(s))
爆撃部隊 Bombing Unit(s)
航空部隊 Aviation Unit(s)
航空部隊 Air Unit(s)
陽動部隊 Diversionary Unit(s)
救出部隊 Recovery Unit(s)
機械化車両部隊 Mechanized Vehicle Unit(s)
支援砲部隊 Support Artillery Unit(s)
支援砲撃部隊 Support Artillery Attack Unit(s)
特科部隊 Artillery Unit(s)
空挺部隊 Airborne Troops (airborne unit(s))
砲撃部隊 Bombardment Unit(s)

味方部隊 Allies/Ally Unit(s)
敵部隊 Enemy Forces/Enemy Units
増援部隊 Reinforcement Units/Reinforcements
守備部隊 Defending Unit(s)/Unit(s) Defending
DoLLS部隊 DoLLS forces

制空権 air superiority
地点へ強行降下 perform a forcible descent at the landing site?


Examples of usage:
1. 第1支援砲撃部隊 Sugar Cane
 1st support artillery attack unit Sugar Cane

2. フェンリル川支流で侵攻ルート確
The 88th armored infantry corps, assigned the
job of securing the invasion route at the Fenrir
river branch are currently pinned down by an
enemy artillery unit's suppressive fire.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Looking Back at 2017
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:02:09 pm »
It's that time of year I suppose. I've updated a couple of charts again, focusing selfishly on English translations only as usual.

The first shows the sum of all fully-playable English language patches by year.

Here's to the best year for English translation patches to date! :beer: For reference, according to my count, there were 89 total releases last year.

Next is the same chart, by system/platform.

As we can see, trends are mostly holding steady.

The Famicom/NES still cleans house with 34 releases last year, up from 28 in 2016. This maintains its upward trend, and makes me hopeful that the 297 remaining untranslated games (if Spinner8's list is correct) may be finished within the next 5-10 years.

The SNES had a rougher year than the previous year at 10 releases, to 15 in 2016. It's still trending even, putting the remaining 778 untranslated games finished sometime in the next 80-100 years. :P

The PC-98 had a really good year with 6 releases. That's even with 2002, the first year any PC-98 patches were released, as the most English language patches for the system. The FDS also had a great year with 10 releases, the most ever. The closest year was way back in 2003 with 7 releases. If I may indulge in some self promotion, I'm proud of having had a part in the only Mega Drive/Genesis English language translation patch last year.

While I don't presume to speak for anyone but myself, I'd like to congratulate everyone on their releases last year. Each one of them counts, and added up to literally the best year in English language translation patches ever.

Not to leave out other language translations, though that's literally the case ;), I love to see all the Spanish, Russian, Romania, and other language translations pop up week after week. Did Spanish translations outpace English translations this year? I don't know! I'm sorry, I forget who made the chart for other languages last year. The post seems to have been purged, but I hope you may do the same again this year.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Kanji ID
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:03:18 am »
I'm having trouble with a single kanji. It's the first of a set of font tiles that are in order by on-yomi. The kanji directly following this is 愛, so my suspicion is that the on-yomi is "あ/ああ/あい". This may not be the case though.

Wow. Okay, never mind. :P I found it in a list of uncommon kanji. 你

Script Help and Language Discussion / Battle Golfer Yui
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:23:26 am »
Good news! This project is coming along very well.

However, a couple of lines in the intro are bugging me.

During the intro sequence we have a lowly subordinate bringing the results of the computer calculations to the leader of an evil organization. They say "These are the two the computer came up with this time."

It's two people, who have the potential to be "battle golfers", after being unethically modified that is. Incidentally they are our two main characters, the first of whom is named Yui Mizuhara.

;「バトルゴルファーの そたい としては さいてきかと おもわれます」

;「はじめの そたいが ミズハラ ユイです」

The term that's getting me is そたい. I feel like it's being used like "candidate". The only word this seems like it could be is 素体, but that appears to be some mathematical term "finite field/prime field".

This kind of makes sense as finite group of potential battle golfers, but it seems like an odd usage of the word. Especially when it says, "The first そたい is Yui Mizuhara". She's the first finite field? :(

Any ideas?

Script Help and Language Discussion / Suggestions しぶい
« on: November 21, 2017, 04:51:11 am »
Reaching out for suggestions. There is a parade for the heroes and it appears people are calling out saying things like "I love you hero!", "Thank you hero!". One apparent bystander calls out, "「しぶいぞ、[side character]!"

I get that this can be "cool" or "stoic", but rather than just go for "you're so cool!" I figured I'd put out a request for suggestions. Can you think of anything more しぶい-like that doesn't sound silly?

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][NES] Outlanders
« on: November 03, 2017, 01:51:39 am »
Looking for a willing ROM hacker to insert the already English translated script, and perform necessary tasks to ensure all Japanese text appears in English, for Outlanders for the Famicom/NES.

English translated script and some notes available here:

Script Help and Language Discussion / Term from SWAT (famicom)
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:11:35 am »
I'm uncertain of the term "しゅうよう", as it appears in the script for SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics on the Famicom. From context it appears to be "extraction/retrieval" or something to that effect. In that case I assume it's "収容", but I'm making a lot of assumptions and would appreciate input.

Code: [Select]
さくせん しゅうりょう。[BR]
operation terminate.[BR]
Please begin[BR]
しゅうようを かいしする[ED]
initiate しゅうよう.[ED]

さくせん しゅうりょう。[BR]
operation terminate.[BR]
Please begin[BR]
「いや まて![BR]
"No, wait![BR]
まだ てきが[BR]
There appear to be[BR]
enemies remaining.[ED]

Howdy. I'm approaching completion of the script for Maison Ikkoku on the Famicom, and I'd like to request help with trouble spots here.

This is a phone call, seemingly to your buddy Sakamoto.

Huh, Godai?[PAUSE]右[LINE]
金のけん もういいって?[PAUSE]二[LINE]

I believe he says, "I'm not rich either. See ya. Click-..." but I'm unsure of "金のけん もういいって?". Particularly what the "ken" is.

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][NES] Hello Dracula 2 (a.k.a Kyonshiizu 2)
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:28:26 pm »
Looking for a willing ROM hacker to insert the already English translated script, and perform necessary tasks to ensure all Japanese text appears in English, for Hello Dracula 2 a.k.a Kyonshiizu 2 for the Famicom.

English translated script and some notes available here:

I'm finishing up with Kyonshiizu 2 which became an impromptu project when I dumped the script to assist with Translations of early Famicom games

I'd like some help with the credits if anyone is brave enough. It seems like one of those joke name situations, but since I hit the designer/designers and it's hard to make sense of.

Code: [Select]
プログラマ さだもん と がーふあんくる[BR]
Programmers: Sadamon and Garfunkel[BR]
      はかせ と その かよいづま[BR]
      The Professor and That Long Distance Spouse[BR]
デザイナー あべる あべれば あべるとき[BR]
プランナー かある くらうざあ いのまた[BR]
サッキョク だんじり だんじり くむくむ[BR]
ガンバッタ みにもん ぼん おーちゃんず[BR]

      だめいじでざいなあ かーさき[BR]

      かきこみジユウな てっちゃん[BR]



Addition 1 ===========================

There is an item in the game called "とくべつれいのふく".

The FAQ on GameFAQs calls this "Special Spirit Clothes". I haven't played the game much myself, but I assume it is indeed an outfit, and it appears to be necessary to travel to the spirit world via "れいかいもん" or "Spirit World Gate" (霊界門).

The FAQ writer seems to have taken the cue from "spirit world gate" for the "れい" in "とくべつれいのふく". I'd go for "Special Spirit Outfit" but still, this seems awkward.

There are other options for "rei" though I don't know that they make any more sense. Thoughts, ideas?


Addition 2 ===========================


The aforementioned FAQ on GameFAQs calls this Egg Bullet (たまごだん) - Attack +1. Range: Projectile. Hold 99 max.

I assume this would be 卵弾, but again this sounds awkward. What's an egg bullet? What fires it? Maybe "Egg Projectile", "Egg Shot"? Thoughts, ideas?

Script Help and Language Discussion / いいこと教えてあげる
« on: August 15, 2017, 12:45:40 am »
I love how script writers tend to have these certain phrases and words they rely on.

In my current script, the author uses "いいこと教えてあげる" on several occasions. I'm not satisfied with "Let me tell you something good/I'll tell you something good". It's too awkward.

I found a short exchange advocating for "I'll tell you what".

However, I feel like it could have the connotation of "I'll let you in on a little secret."


This is an interesting script since it's all kana. It's technically all katakana, but this script dump is all hiragana for sanity.

I'm stuck on the following lines. They are random NPC lines as far as I know unless otherwise noted.




Not sure about the "hoi" here. Like "koi" maybe?
"Come this way. I'll defeat you."(?)

あっちむいて ほい!

あんたの まけ<END>


Something about a lamp which is an item in this game.
Not sure what you may know. "Do you know the make of the lamp?"(?)




There's a town to the northern, or is is southern outskirts(?)

みなみか きたの



These lines directly follow the above lines but probably aren't related. I think this has to do with paying for information, maybe?

もうあんたには あきれるよ




Again I think this is paying for info.





This is about a password within the game. You collect a bunch.
"As for that you should say a password there is no limit?" Kagiranai?




Looking for a willing ROM hacker to insert the already English translated script, and perform necessary tasks to ensure all Japanese text appears in English, for Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai.

English translated script, notes, and some preliminary work available here:

This may be somewhat incidental to this line, but would someone please help me with ふっかつせん in this sentence? Otherwise this script should be complete! (minus the menu :P )

せいとうなるせんしが やくそくのばしょ[LINE]
It's passed down in this land that
に あらわれるとき おおいなるちから[LINE]
when a true warrior appears in the
ふっかつせん このちにつたわことばです。[PAGE]
place fortold, a great power ???.

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