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I was recently looking for a more recent beta patch for the SNES game 'Little Master - Nijiiro no Maseki'.

Problem is I can't seem to find a valid contact address for the now former (I'm guessing) maintainer. The last news I found on his work was his post at his site HERE.

Hey everyone. I've been quite busy lately and haven't really worked on Little Master in quite some time. It may seem surprising, but I have a life... :)

Little Master is a very fun game, but I can't see me ever having time to finish it. If someone comes along who wishes to finish the hacking aspect, most of the translation is finished. I will help as much as possible to get this thing done.

Let me know - burdanie18 at

The most recent patch that I can find is right at Romhacking HERE, but it's quite older than the work mentioned on the now defunct official site.

Does anyone know if there was a more complete patch released, or of a way to contact 'Dackr'?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Warsong: Looking for text hack patch
« on: April 13, 2011, 10:48:48 am »
Hello. Maybe someone here could help me with something...

I'm looking for a text hack for the Sega Genesis game, 'Warsong', released in the US. The patch was from around about 2001, and was made by a person who went by the name of 'D'.

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it?

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