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Programming / multips
« on: March 20, 2012, 02:32:34 am »
Multips is a binary patch applier designed to apply multiple patches at once. It explains any conflicts found between patches and refuses to apply patches that conflict. Its intended use is collaboration, but it is by no means thus limited.

Currently, multips is a command-line tool supporting reading of IPS patches and reading/writing its custom ZP format. The future of multips includes a GUI.

Applying a patch:
Code: [Select]
multips -a target.file patch.fileCreating a patch:
Code: [Select]
multips -merge patch.zp old.file,new.fileConvert IPS to ZP:
Code: [Select]
multips -merge patch.zp patch.ips
For additional invocation help, try multips -help.

See also the rationale behind ZP and the format specification.

(Just as a note, I don't plan to submit this as a utility to the main site. I have my reasons for this, but it's currently nearly three in the morning, so I can't re,e,ner tje.)

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