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I've been working on Square's last NES/FDS game before Final Fantasy, which we've translated as "The Cursed Treasure of Cleopatra" for a couple of years now.  The whole game has been translated by NintendoComplete.  I'm about 50% through the game, editing the script as I go along.  I kinda sat on the project for over a year, but I'm really into it now.  I occasionally need some translation editing help with the script; harmony7 and aishsha are helping me with that.  RadicalR has already started beta testing.

What I need help with is the manual.  I have a complete manual in graphical HTML form that I got from a Japanese web site.  I have done a very small amount of work on it, replacing the katakana English words that I know, etc.  I need someone to replace the Japanese text in the HTML with the English text.  There is approx. 20kb of UTF-8 text.  So far, none of the team has been interested in working on it.

I appreciate any help I can get.  It's probably best to try to contact me through Skype as dvdtranslations.

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