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Newcomer's Board / Silk Road 2 (shareware) download?
« on: August 26, 2017, 12:33:52 am »
As I was looking through the English translations on this site, I came across

The description says that the game is shareware and, therefore, posting a download link for it is okay. However, I can't find a download for it anywhere. If anyone here has the game, would you be willing to reupload it for me (and maybe the first one as well, while you're at it)? The description does say that there's a download on the translator's website, but the website no longer exists and the download link wasn't backed up on The Wayback Machine, so it's no longer accessible there.

Does anyone still have the prototype English patch for Front Mission Alternate? I know the creators of the patch asked for it not to be uploaded anywhere other than their website else they abandon the project, but given the fact that this has already happened with Front Mission 2 and 5 and the fact that their website now, unfortunately, only exists in The Wayback Machine (even more unfortunate that the downloads weren't archived), I think it's safe to say it's too late for that. I searched Google but didn't find any reupload for the patch, so I was hoping someone here would still have it.

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