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Was thinking of making a program that can put Western-style spacing in Japanese sentences.

Programming / Best way to make a map editor in HTML?
« on: March 26, 2011, 05:02:10 am »
I do it with a table, which contains layered images. Just choose a tile from a drop-down box, and click a cell in the table to change a tile on a specified layer (by resetting the image src property).

I then change the virtual representation of the tile in the tile matrix.

This works fine with small maps. But when dealing with large maps, tables and images won't do because they suck memory like a hog. Some sort of scrolling has to be involved so that the images which make up the visible map are repeatedly reused. This is where things get tough: unlike in the case of a real GUI, a browser doesn't permit programmable scroll bars. (at least not as of HTML 5)

So the question is, how to "emulate" a real scroll bar?

Personal Projects / Code Naturalizer
« on: August 20, 2010, 01:21:20 pm »
I'm meaning to write a code naturalizer, a kind of disassembler which uses natural language. (to an extent, anyway) I think this will greatly improve the readability of code and make hacking easier.

The program will function by reading all memory within a range specified by the user. It then attempts to convert the memory into opcodes.

Features I want to include:
  • hex and base 10 address readout
  • supplementing reserved addresses with their functional names

Example output:
Code: [Select]
"MOV AX, &FFFF" -> "Move data at 0xFFFF/65535 into Accumulator"

I suspect it will not be difficult to write, although I may need some help with the details. The NES is my first target.

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