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Personal Projects / Zelda Minish Cap Level Editor
« on: January 01, 2013, 10:02:29 pm »
Recently I played Zelda Minish Cap for the first time and after getting through the first dungeon I realized the game was just like the Oracles and needed a level editor. I've only attempted GBA hacking once before but regardless I dove right in and now it's a project that's made decent progress. Right now it only has map viewing, which I'm pretty sure is flawless but I'm not entirely sure since I haven't even beaten the game yet! Here's a screenshot.

The layout isn't official or anything but to actually get the maps displaying took a few days. The compression used is the regular GBA LZ77 for everything. Before releasing it, I plan on having the basic stuff for a hack - character editing, warp editing, map property editing (I already have this data figured out), connection editing, level editing (obviously), chest editing, and anything else I feel is necessary.


Programming / A Plugin-Based Level Editor
« on: June 14, 2012, 07:43:42 pm »
Recently, I've been wanting to work on my level editor for the Zelda Oracles games, ZOLE, but because there's two versions of it, adding features is quite the pain. I've had an idea to create a new version of ZOLE that runs completely off of plugins, with some core stuff for showing the map and other additional information. That way, once I integrate the core for the other version, they both would use the same plugin (Plugins could be things like a chest editor, a text editor, or even something that launches a hex editor and automatically notes the changes). I would make the cores of each version override-able, so if someone wanted to, for example, hardcode sprite loading for certain interactions, they could. That said, anybody would be able to add something to the program and either keep it for themselves or share it. It's much more easily modified than just editing the source for ZOLE.

I want some feedback on this. My friend says it's quite useless, as nobody else would develop plugins but me, but I still see it as a big shortcut in the future and the idea just seems cool. What do you guys think?


Personal Projects / Gameboy Assembler Plus [Released]
« on: May 31, 2012, 07:55:22 pm »
This has been released. As of the date this is being edited, it hasn't been added to the site utilities yet.

This program was written to be the best GameBoy assembler out there. It also features a disassembler capable of some advanced methods. Here's a full unique feature list:

-Dynamic addressing (AKA label support, and the ability to call and jump to them)
-Code highlighting
-White space can be ignored, so instructions like "  ld  a     ,     5F" will assemble successfully. It should be noted that spaces and other characters act the same as commas, so don't feel like you need a comma just because it's proper
-Error checking on-the-spot and highlighting
-Support for just assembling code right away without opening a ROM
-Read-only zones that prevent code from being written in certain areas
-Rewrite zones, which fill a specified area with 00s so you can safely rewrite a chunk of code
-Code previewing, which shows where your code will be written line-by-line
-Safe file IO (warnings when you would lose your code if it was unsaved)
-Code insertion - "This generates code compatible with any language that uses curcly-bracket array assigning in the case you might want to make software automatically insert your assembly into a ROM. This only generates the code containing the values, so you still have to write them to the proper addresses yourself."
-Trace disassembling - the disassembler will start at a certain point and follow jumps, calls, and returns until the call stack is empty
-Bank-changing emulation - this is very weak and only emulates LD A,# and LD (####),A instructions, but when the accumulator is written to 2000-2FFF, the program will attempt to change the current bank if possible. Perhaps full emulation will come in the future

Finally, here's the download:

My site


Watch the Demo Trailer here:
Download Demo with Content up to the end of Level 3 (updated 7/24/11, a second time):

Greetings. First off, let me start with I didn't merge this with my ZOLE Live topic for multiple reasons: It's on the second page (I know that sounds bad, but I meant it in the sense that it's rather old), I prefer a fresh topic and specific feedback, this project doesn't only belong to me (If I didn't post it my friend would have), and it's of a totally different hacking genre.

So, obviously this is a Zelda Oracle of Ages hack. I partnered up with my friend Fatories, and we decided to make a full-on 8 dungeon Oracles hack using ZOLE Live, to partner with the other games. I wanted to get news about it out to show the power of ZOLE and my other hacking tools for Ages, and to get it hyped up long before the release. While I wasn't working on ZOLE and he was online, we decided to make a dungeon, and then suddenly decided to make a level 2 which just blossomed into a bunch of other ideas and plans. We decided to have our dungeons themed, and also have plans for the overworld.

The overworld is pretty much the same as it is in Ages with a past and present area, but instead the "oracle of nature" was captured which brings upon natural disasters and causes the overworld to change (Yes it sounds lame but it really can be home to some pretty sweet events). For example, when you start, there is a tall mountain towering the village that will collapse, revealing a trail and tunnel to get the sword (The trail and tunnel were originally there, just on the upper part, which collapsed into the lower part, if that makes sense).

Not much of the overworld is done, but there is a video you can watch showing an intro event:

As far as dungeons go, two of them are already done. Each are themed, and meant to be hard for their level. Here are maps and videos of them:

Level 1 Arrow Crypt - Map Video (me)
Level 2 Magma Crown - Map Video (me) Video (Fatories)

No overworld screenshots yet because the overworld will be kept secret. The game won't have a moblin event or a Maku Tree, or really anything that helps with storyline. Our prime focus is a good overworld with tough and creative dungeons. Also note the game won't only consist of things edited with ZOLE. Already I've done some regular hex editing and added some original code for a level 2 event.

The post isn't too detailed, but there it is. Criticism is welcomed, as long as it's nothing complaining about the difficulty of any of the dungeons :P.


Personal Projects / ZOLE 4 and ZOLE Live (Update 12/10/11)
« on: June 21, 2010, 12:49:51 am »
Hey guys. This is basically a brand new topic taking over the old one. I never kept up to date, and I needed to get the word out of what's about to come.

So as of the making of this topic, ZOLE has been released as 1.23, ZOSE is out as 1.5 Beta 2 Final Release, ZOTE is 1.01, and ZOCF is 1.01. All tools are very far in development and nearly bug-free (There's some ones I know about in ZOLE that are minor and will be fixing later on). Now though, this topic is going to be a development thread for ZOLE Live.

What is ZOLE Live, you ask? Well, picture Google Docs, but with ZOLE. It's a separate program from ZOLE bug with chatting and real-time co-op editing. People can edit the same maps at once with their changes being synced and updated in real time. The server barely requires anything - During a testing session with 6 people, it was using 0% CPU, using 22MB of memory, and had no lag.

The main goal of the program is to allow people to create hacks together and improve development speed, and attract people to ZOLE. Here's a screenshot (fairly outdated), and as you can see, wasn't edited by the most responsible people. But either way, it shows its power:

Here's a recent one with a much later build:

Currently, here's the features it has as of the date of this post:
-ROM feeding, and server settings
-Users online list with what they're doing
-Interaction adding/editing/deleting with required permission
-Real-time map editing with other maps getting updated even if the user isn't in them
-Music changing that also works like the map editing
-Area ID and property editing, works in real time like everything else

Not too much, but still fairly functional and good enough to even make a hack right now. It won't be out for some time, but the rest of the things will be easy to add. I still have to add security to the server, and powers, like kicking, banning, etc...


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