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ROM Hacking Discussion / Zelda 2 hack - Help needed
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:23:33 am »
I had scrapped my initial project and started again from scratch, since my last one kept developing errors. This one was going smooth until the very end. My world map is done, text, all stages, palaces, everything is just about done.... except for 1 problem. Once you leave the opening temple, the game freezes. I'm not good with hex editors, so I can use some help in fixing this.

Also, I tried gfx editing, but trying to change the heading in this game it too complicated for me. I lose patience with it, so if someone can create a new heading for me, that would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to change the heading from "The Adventure Of Link" to "The Triforce Of Courage". I would prefer to do something like the pic below, but I know that's not possible.

ROM Hacking Discussion / My Zelda 2 Hack
« on: July 30, 2017, 12:48:25 pm »
My overworld, level designs, etc are all complete, but I run into 1 big problem.... The enemies of the Great Palace. They all appear as shadows that takes several uses of the Thunder Magic to defeat, and the Thunderbird can't be defeated without infinite magic and constantly using Thunder magic, and once he is defeated, the game does not advance to Dark Link. I could really use some advice to fix. Once I solve these mysteries, my hack will be complete.

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