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Another day another emulation bundle, anyone have this yet? Is it worth the 40 dollar asking price in your opinion? Also are the new translations at the rom level so you can rip them out and play on an emulator like Trials of mana? I read there are features to remove slowdown and flicker but how good are these features? Super dodgeball was slowdown flicker city so I am quite interested.

Gaming Discussion / Romancing SaGa, SNES or Minstrel song?
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:20:23 am »
I love hate this game so much! :banghead:
I picked up Minstrel song and loved it until I couldn't deal with its strange mechanics anymore! Now I am thinking of trying again but I need to know if I should play the SNES version or the ps2 version. Any thoughts?

So I've been enjoying the Rockman complete works ports to the playstation with its more sound channels and removal of slowdown and I got to thinking if any other game ports for later consoles enhance the games like this. I heard that on some compilations super ghouls and ghosts has had framerates stabilized and of course metal slug 2 ports usually have an overclock feature to get that game running without slow down.
Any others I should check out? Not really looking for remakes so much as just "Fixed" ports.
I guess HD compilations can count too because those usually up the framerate etc.

Gaming Discussion / Shin megami tensei IOS: Anyone dissect it?
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:55:45 am »
Since IOS is moving to a point where old games won't be supported by newer versions I wonder if anyone has checked out the inner workings of this port? Its basically a port of the GBA version so does it just emulate a translated GBA rom?

Gaming Discussion / Good HD texture projects for Wii Gamecube and N64
« on: June 17, 2017, 06:35:52 am »
I was wondering if there was anyone here who knew a thing or two about HD texture packs and what are some worth looking at? I have Xenoblade and Sonic colors currently but I am sure there are more.

Gaming Discussion / Good Non-violent games
« on: June 09, 2017, 12:45:09 pm »
So I recently got Hover:Revolt of gamers and it got me thinking "Man there is no real violence in this game, if you get caught by the police they don't even hurt you just capture you in an orb!" so I started thinking of other non violent games.
First thing that comes to mind is early mainline Harvest moon games, no really violence in there, they don't even slaughter the farm animals they just buy them off you!
Jet set radio doesn't count because the bad guys shoot you, while you are non-violent they sure are!
Oh and lets just ignore sports games, too easy.

Has anyone played through the SaGa 1 wonderswan patch before and could maybe tell me if its worth waiting for a better translated version? In the end I have a million games that I can play including the sequel so I can wait for as long as it would take for someone to maybe decide to pick up and retranslate it.

Gaming Discussion / Games you want to love but can't
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:52:16 pm »
That game that at face value is great but one thing or another just ruins it! Basically the game that has just one or two flaws that makes it go from a stellar game to just crap in your opinion.
Also explain why for conversations sake

Romancing SaGa minstrel song
The time advancement system in this game (Where if you fight and win a battle time advances but if you run away or don't get into a battle time stands still) drives me nuts in this game! And there are so many systems at play that are just obtuse or so weirdly implemented that even following a guide you can easily screw yourself out of content! Also to get all the content in the game and fight the true final boss you have to beat the game SO MANY TIMES! BLAGH!

Gaming Discussion / Games with save importing for sequels
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:35:53 pm »
Hey I notice the Quest for Glory collection hit steam and it got me thinking of games with save imports from sequel to sequel and the features they bring, so far I have
Quest for glory 1 to 5 (Brings your stats over)
Baldurs gate 1 to 2 (Brings your stats over and opens some side quests)
Suikoden in various forms (Varies from game to game but mostly brings stats over and opens side quests)
Uhhh thats it for me, any more?

Hey I want to know what are some good games to get in this genre. I downloaded a few pc yu gi oh games but they were just random duels with no real plot etc and the 1997 magic game has rock stupid ai, any suggestions for something like the pokemon TCG but less old?

Well I haven't played Final fantasy 6 in around 20 years give or take so I thought I might as well pick it up again. Which version has the most faithful translation? Are there any balance hacks that are good and not just hard mode hacks or hacks that change everything so its not even the same game anymore? Whats with the hate of the new mobile sprites?(I can see people not liking them but they shouldn't spawn nearly this much hate) Woosley for life? :P

someone has made a tool to extract all the graphics etc now we just need a good spriter to redo everything. Its as simple as editing a sprite sheet.

Gaming Discussion / Is Xenoblade for me?
« on: January 10, 2016, 12:23:12 pm »
Ok I loaded up Xenoblade and was immediately turned off by the mmo style combat of auto attacks and cool downs, I pretty much shut it off 5 minutes later. I read the combat has some depth later tho so here is the question. I like my rpgs to be challenging (Favorites smt nocturne) so if I don't over level will I be challenged and will there be a good amount of strategy in this game?

Gaming Discussion / Good gaming news sites?
« on: August 30, 2015, 12:32:51 pm »
I use to use Blistered Thumbs because they had silly articles along with good news coverage and since its closure I've been using Siliconera but they are a bit slow on the draw and have a lot of random stupid posts (Like OMG NEPTUNIA MOD FOR LEFT FOR DEAD! Oh wait its been out for a year). Any Suggestions?

Way to wiff it Capcom, seriously at least make it a toggleable thing if you really want to leave it in for accuracy's sake

I mean come on, the Rockman complete works ps1 versions removed slowdown!

I have played many a buggy pc game in my day, Fallout 2, Vampire masquerade, Black & White, but none have had so many crippling bugs! There is the fact the game will crash every few hours and you have to reboot your pc to fix it, or the sound glitching so when you drive the cars in the game it constantly plays the breaking sound effect (Screeching to a stop and starting up again over and over) but none of these stopped me from playing... Until I found out I was suppose to be able to aim my gun up and down! I thought the game just had a majorly crappy aiming system (And I am not the only one) but apparently the aiming is confined to a little box in the middle of the screen so you can't aim high enough to shoot some important stuff! I've been beating my head against a wall trying various fixes for the last 4 hours (One fixed the aim bug but caused my fps to slow to a crawl) and I thought I would see if anyone else has tried and failed to play this here.

Anyone have friends who say these things? That know nothing of how things actually work and think this would be a good idea for a company? About the only company I could see actually doing this would be Konami but even then they can still make money off merchandising and cross promotion.

I was talking about pop culture references being the bane of comedy with my friend and we started talking about in story pop culture references (a pop culture in game that characters reference not real world pop culture) any games like this? closest I can think of is Secret of evermore where the main character keeps referencing B movies he has seen.

Gaming Discussion / Item shop management games
« on: July 19, 2015, 03:54:49 pm »
So been playing recettear and I love it! I also loved the torneko (I think thats how you spell it) chapter in dragon quest 4! Any other games like this out there? I tried that potato weapon shop one but its more like an phone game (aka time waster) than a game you would sit down and play.

Gaming Discussion / Best versions of oft remade games
« on: April 16, 2015, 04:22:22 pm »
This includes hacks and retranslations
Ok first of all I want to ask the big un
Final fantasies, which ones are the best versions content wise?
For example I would really like to know if there is actually a good version of final fantasy 2

I know for a fact  the 3d remake of final fantasy 4 has the best translation and in my opinion the most improvements.

For vanilla final fantasy tactics the IOS port has HD sprites but I rather like the "Kind of" hack that rebalances a few things and fixes some glitches.

Final fantasy 7s pc version has so many mods that if you are willing to put effort into setting it up it would be the best way to play, no idea if 8 has anywhere near as big a mod scene.

Dragon quest has a bunch of remakes and so far the ds and ios versions seem to be the best choices (Except 5 where its do you want 3d graphics or do you want more content).

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