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Newcomer's Board / Interested in Translating Metal Max 3
« on: December 03, 2015, 02:26:55 am »
Hello! I'm pretty new here (and to translating in general) and am interested in trying to translate the game Metal Max 3 for the DS. I've recently become a big fan of this series, and the two DS games are the best I've played (although I've yet to play 4 since I don't have a Japanese 3DS). It's practically criminal that they were never released outside of Japan, and I want to give it a try to help more people play these fantastic games.
The problem I have comes from actually extracting the text. I've looked at various guides and tried several things, but it seems like the files on the cart are compressed in .pak files in some way I don't know how to extract. Would anyone happen to have any idea how to extract the text, or is it impossible without actually having whatever tool was used to compress the files in the first place?

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