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Newcomer's Board / Some questions regarding submissions
« on: April 27, 2016, 12:18:22 pm »
I have some vital questions, that the Faq does not answer.

1) Are hacks accepted, if the texts/story is not in english? This does not seem to be clear, since the guidelines are only mentioning the description ("Non English descriptions are not accepted in any section").

Note, this is not a translation of a game, nor is it a translation of a romhack, it is a hack done in some other language (usually spanish and german come to mind).

2) Where to put translations of romhacks? This also is not clear and is quite common in romhacking communities. Imagine a fine Romhack, but it is only in english (obviously). There are communities, which translate them (romhacks and not original games) and yet they can not be uploaded here, which is a shame. Specially because translating is also a vital part of romhacking.

3) What qualifies as emulator specific hack? As far as I know practically all hacks tend to run at least on 2 or more emulators. Is MSU-1 acceptable then? It seems that it is, and yet MSU-1 sound is supported only by BSNES with a specific version. There are also some very fine NESticle hacks only and some very fine ZSNES emulator only SMW hacks - which apparently fall into this category and yet have quality design. Why would this not be accepted? Sure it is a shame and "non-professional" that the hack will not work everywhere, or if the hack will not work on real system, and they will become outdated, but why is this not acceptable?

I think we should rate the quality of a romhack in terms of game design, not what device is it compatible with or its difficulty.

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