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(Hope this is alright to post in Personal Projects. Since there was a news article earlier this year about the same kind of thing for Castlevania, I assume this would be welcome as well. Currently there's not really a place on the web to discuss 2D graphic replacement either.)

Version 1.2 released, which fixes the ending cutscene layering issues regardless of which palette the player is using.

Mesen has also updated to 0.9.4, and major kudos to Sour, who has made crazy improvements to the performance of HD Packs. It's roughly double the speed! If you were experiencing audio crackling before, it's quite likely you will not now, even at default audio latency settings. As well, Mesen now has a Libretro core which also supports HDPacks! See here for more info on that:

DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2: Release 1.2 - Dropbox

This is a project which I started about 6 months ago. It's inspired by and takes a few graphics from Wily Wars, but with altered color palettes and most graphics are adaptations of the NES originals. Wily Wars is still fun for what it is and worth playing, but the inconsistencies in gameplay are a bit frustrating in my opinion. I much prefer the tighter gameplay of the NES versions, even though Megaman 1 has some small differences from the more solidified mechanics and feel of 2/3 onwards. So I thought it'd be interesting to update the NES games to a similar level. Despite some of the limitations, like solid-color-skies, I'm happy with the results.

This project works for all 3 regions, and includes both Rockman and Megaman graphics for the Japanese title screen. There's also a very minor IPS/BPS patch included to change Rockman to Megaman in the text of the ending, if you'd like.

You'll need the latest version of Mesen from here or the Libretro core as mentioned above. There are instructions in this pack's readme for how to install HDPacks (it's super easy) as well as enable overclocking, which I highly recommend. All six Megaman games work perfectly while overclocked. Mesen can also autoload patches, if you're wanting to use the patch mentioned above.

Anyway, I hope someone gets enjoyment out of this. If you have questions, criticism, feedback, anything, let me know.

Many thanks to mkwong98 for the initial HDNES emulator and pack format, Sour for Mesen and supporting the HDNES pack format as well as building upon it, and also Sprites Inc, whose sheets are invaluable for prototyping sprite work before splitting it up for HDNES graphic sheets. VGMaps user Revned whose maps were also invaluable in the prototyping process.

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