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ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB1 - Koopa Troopa Sprite preview problem
« on: January 25, 2019, 09:18:39 pm »
So I have received this problem by a friend regarding part of
a certain sprite not showing it's full tiles during a certain situation.

Via SMB Graphics Workshop, it can be clearly seen that an enemy sprite consists of 2x4 8x8 tile sections:

Blank tiles of the Koopa will be replaced by the next tile to see the issue:

Now, here's the problem. Whenever Mario knocks a Koopa via brick hitting, the very top layer of the sprites will not show up for whatever reason:

  "1UP" sprite does not appear- instead it leaves out blank.

I'm thinking that the top layer sprites have been replaced by the floatey scoring sprites during this situation- but I might been proven wrong. Anyone can help assist the problem/code routine that lays here?

A few questions to get this introduced:

What is this tool?
This tool is used for changing hundreds of Mario, enemy, score, palette, etc. settings in the game, Super Mario Bros. It is made by Kernel Software. You can even make IPS patches and change addresses with it, and so on.

I never faced this tool before!
Even though this tool is widely popular with Japanese hackers, it is almost unheard of with the Western hacking scene.

Pictures/screenshots please?

What exact help do I need, and what has been done:
I need help translating every single thing in the tool, other than the 9th button and the toolbars (Not including the figurations) which I translated with little Japanese knowledge, and Google Translate (Don't use this.) smbr.hlp is also optional to be translated.

Once the translations and everything are written down in a text document, I need programmers to set the translation into the tool itself. A guy named Hikkomori says he would manage it, but unfortunately, he doesn't have much free time to do it. Therefore I need some other programmers who have the time, and to change the file in Unicode. I also need them to alter this, to add in who translated and programmed the tool, and to write English or something like that under the large text:

People who will be given credit (More will be added in once they have contributed in the translation:
•Sky Yoshi (He stopped working on it, because it's taking him far too long to translate it, and our friendship broke up so he doesn't want to work with me anymore. I will still give him credit for him translating the first tab of the 3rd button, the readme file and half of the history.txt file.)
•Hikkomori (Will not be added?)

Downloads for the tools:
SMBR Ver2.23:
SMBR, Ver2.07, English Ver.:
This is partly translated by Dcahrakos. Only one button and a few other things are translated, but the translations are rather unreliable and somewhat inaccurate. Please note that since it's using an older version, there are fewer options. For interest, here's what it looks like:

Please send me the private messages when the translations are done, and I will test the tool before I decide to release it publicly.

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