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Personal Projects / Hyper Street Kart update
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:51:37 am »
Super Mario Kart Hyper Street Kart has some flaws which are pointed out in this review

I done a bit of work fixing the issues and here is a video demonstrating what was fixed. Note The fixes are not complete at this time. keep checking back for updates

ROM Hacking Discussion / How to identify an IPS patch that is ROM specific
« on: February 09, 2018, 03:37:29 pm »
I have a IPS patch for super mario kart called Vizu kart and there was no patch info when I downloaded it. I have tried every Snes super mario kart rom type I could find and when I patch they either totally do not work or there mostly corrupt with some stuff that works. Is there a way to find out which rom this belongs to so it can properly be applyed and so I can find out what this hack is?

Personal Projects / Super Mario Kart N64 being fixed
« on: January 17, 2018, 03:21:44 am » Link to original hack by Shelfall. If you liked this hack but missed the N64 battle maps and found some maps to complex to beat look no further. I set my goal to fix this.

I give Shelfall full credit for the work done and love the hack but I humble myself in some of the creations and am amazed the AI works on the maps I can not personally get threw.

Super MarioKart 64 was remade on the Snes by Shelfall. There is another N64 hack I found but was crude no name to give credit to sadly. I found problems with both hacks and merged them among other things. Custom maps were added to both hacks as the N64 has less maps so Shelfall added his creations. To be honest their really amazing looking from an artistic point of view but when put to reality it is almost impossible to figure out where your suppose to honestly go. You get lost and stuck and find that you can never honestly progress in the game once one of these maps are to be played. Also toads turnpike has awesome cars to dodge just like the N64 except if you fault even once on these things you get seriously stuck and that is it race is over you indefinitely lost. There is no new battle maps so I grabbed maps from the hack Super Mix Kart (Elias Papp) & Super Mario kart revision v2 (rocketboy3005) Track 15 shows an original track and Shelfalls was one I deemed unplayable so I added a completely custom map. There are bugs and I will work them out also Shelfall added Wario so I figured before I release this I will fix the bugs and once again add Wario. Also now in English not Japan.

Any opinions are encouraged so I can make this the BEST Snes N64 remake yet.

Personal Projects / Super Mario Kart Koopalings
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:09:26 pm »
Mysef and thainferno305 are making a new Super MarioKart hack with the koopalings

Super MarioKart hack Koopalings (koopa kids) This is a WIP (Work In Progress) Received the koopalings from thainferno305. INFO: Contained koopas with wrong colors & colored Blocks around them. Removed colored blocks & made Ludwigs hair blue. As seen some times red which will be fixed. Top of hair is cut off this also in the works to be fixed. Plans: All new tracks (20) 4 new battle mode maps Driver stats altered to match the koopalings New AI New Rival settings (point system)

Personal Projects / Super MarioKart Snes maps
« on: February 10, 2017, 03:21:02 pm »
Making another set of maps for Super MarioKart. I will keep people updated on it's progress in this forum. Perhaps give a monthly update. I do this on my free time so do not expect a quick creation. Looking for feed back to see if my last one was to hard to see if I need to tame this one down a bit or keep the difficoulty level about the same.

February 11, 2017, 03:57:19 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Seems I will be working with Two other people on this hack. One wants to turn it into a koopalings theme which I think is totally Awsome while the other is going to help with the AI. Will get a video up soon. Any others who want to help just ask and I can start providing files to share over E~mail.

Note This hack before compleation may be distributed changed and re-distributed as much as anyone desires. I refuses to hold out like others do. Anyone want an incomplete copy E~mail me and I will send it. Already have maps in the works mostly worked out.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Snes Super MarioKart VS com player
« on: February 09, 2017, 01:17:15 am »
I ran across a possible removed portion of Super MarioKart that hackers may be interested in. I was looking to play time trial when suddenly I saw COM in place of 2 player when I selected single player. I thought well if it is a com it is not selecting its self so its not a com. I then mapped keys to player 2 controller and selected a player do to running into the issue several times not being able to pass it. Once I selected the com player I fully assumed it was a glitch  and the second player would function like player 2 with my keyboard. Some how the comp player selected was authentically a computer player that played the track all on its own. Confused I swapped to a different control scheme on my keyboard and since could not reproduce this odd feature. Now I fully assume its a removed feature that a hot key activated on my keyboard with in the emulator. I used snes9x and do not recall the original key used which is probably why I can not reproduce this event.

Anyone know anything about this or is there anyone willing to look into this to find this?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Super Mario Maker in the future
« on: October 11, 2015, 02:06:29 am »
Super Mario Maker is going to have a HUGE problem in the future. As we all know from the Wii's hay day to the release of the Wii U the online service was great. Once the Wii U came soon came the server shut down. Now just think when that happens to the Wii U in the coming future and the upcoming NX. When the servers go down what will happen to all those user created maps. This could be a SERIOUS Nintendo downfall. Many people are already pissed off by Nintendo as is and have boycotted Nintendo. Shutting down servers with user generated maps with personal creation ideas filled to a deep personal hearts content. People will be attached to their levels. Sure I bet by then a viable Emulator will come along but that can only be valuable for make new creations or recreations. It is obvious there will be no way to save a creation forever. Nintendo will shut down the server when the time comes. No one can help the inevitable even after Nintendo makes an announcement of the date its to happen.

Any ideas?

Personal Projects / Super Random Kart map creator rom (Super MarioKart)
« on: August 31, 2015, 12:49:09 am »
I'm on the verge of compleating my Super MarioKart hack and I'm ready to take on another. I'm in great hopes for voluntary rom hackers to create random maps that I can add the AI to. I would hope for crazy odd maps or what ever anyone is willing to make. I can make a few maps especially the battle maps.

I can provide an entire map pack creator.

Map pack creator details.
I use epic edit and another program called Make. Epic edit is easier but Make can use a setting that makes the maps look professional. There is a ceriain way maps need to be built for the maps to appear properly. So I decided to put together a pile of pre made peices that should fit together with little to no difficoult editing like universal puzzle peices. I can provide these in a rom hack for maps to be created in Epic edit at a much fater rate that may allow even non experienced users the abulity to make something with ease. There are tutorial's on youtube on how Epic edit works which is rather easy to learn. The hard part is making the maps look like they fit together which is why I will provide a rom with templates.

When I accumulate a total of 20 maps I will bring finishing touches such as placing item boxes, coins, jumps, shortcuts, speed boosts and obstructions unless these are already provided.

I will get to work on the premade construction set emiditly. Even if I sadly get no takers in the end I will have created a new tool for easier use when using epic edit.

I will provide a video that demonstrates how simple it will be to create a map.

Personal Projects / Silvain kart AI update (Super MarioKart hack)
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:13:26 am »
Super MarioKart Silvain kart
    An old hack by Silvain with good tracks that dropped the ball do to the AI setup for the original tracks along with all item boxes, coins & more left in their original positions.

I have since updated the AI along with all item boxes, coins & such for a more enjoyable game over all. I have made track additions such as obstructions holes shortcuts & longer tracks. My overall goal was to make this enjoyable for myself & to share my enjoyment with others. I found the original game to be far to easy and I found other difficult hacks like SMK pro edition to be impossible on the 150cc mode unless there has been an update that I missed since it was released. My goal is to make the hack as hard as possible all while being able to beat every track in all 3 cc classes in first place with out using any shortcuts.

20 custom Silvain tracks by Silvain
18 tracks out of 20 have a perfect AI suited well for all cc classes
2 tracks needing AI editing and more coins
4 non Silvain custom battle maps -  Attempting to produce the best battle maps ever created
learning how to create a custom title screen & possibly custom backgrounds

Video footage (Note maps slightly outdated)

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