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Personal Projects / Chili Crusade! (Final Fantasy hack)
« on: June 04, 2015, 07:27:32 pm »
Today seems like a good day to poke my head out of the bushes to announce that my first attempt at a full scale hack has begun.
It's tentatively titled "Chili Crusade" and will come into being as a result of butchering Final Fantasy 1.

At the very least, I will change all graphics and text, rearrange all maps, redistribute and rename weapons and abilities to fit the theme, and alter stats/character growth. I want to lower encounter rates and streamline levelling. I'd like it to be a bit of a challenge; I'm just not interested in a grindfest.
Characters and locations will mostly be pulled from stories and comics I've made over the years.

Such as...

The Story:
The annual World Chili Cookoff is fast approaching, and the world's greatest heroes have banded together to create the world's greatest chili.
Fearful that the power of their recipe could bring peace to all and unite the races, an unseen evil force has gathered a group of villains to cut off the supply of chili ingredients.
It is up to the player to pound the face of evil and restore chili unto the land...

New classes heroes:
Más Eléctrico - can shoot lightning from his nose to attack or paralyze foes.
Menial Task Boy - Small and weak, specializes in healing and support abilities.
Mr. Z - A four armed brute, very strong but slow.
Creature - Frail but intelligent, his weapons all have secondary uses.
Dimboman - Extremely average, achieved his status as a hero through sheer dumb luck.
Bean - Small and nimble, attacks with blow darts or by secreting gas

More screenshots should follow soon.
I am open to any questions, comments, suggestions, marriage proposals, or livestock trades.
I will not tolerate assassination attempts, marriage proposals, or sassy backtalk while you wave your hand in the air.

If anyone is interested in teaming up to make an offbeat group effort, that would be cool. If not, I'll continue along my present trajectory.

Good day.

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