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Personal Projects / Communist Mario 3
« on: June 21, 2015, 09:17:19 pm »
Sounds really shitty, yeah, I know. But, this isn't "Dick Nazis" all over again.

A while back I asked Setz to link me a game to play. He gave me his Mario 1 hack that he'd been working on where coins kill you. I played through it, and it's been really interesting to try and avoid coins. I actually enjoyed it. The only code changes he'd made was to make the lives counter a death counter (also display more deaths) and have coins hurt/kill Mario, along with some nice looking graphics.

I'm basically going to do the same thing with SMB3. This will NOT be a level hack. Maybe I will make this a base for a level hack in the future. If you couldn't tell by now, this is a hack in progress.

6-19-15 Update
- Fixed more bugs
- Changed Status Bar graphics
- Fixed Hilly 2 TSA
- Changed some map screen tiles to use less graphics to make more room on the graphics page
- Moved around more TSA and graphics to make way for worlds 5-8

4-28-15 Update
- Fixed coding bugs
- Fixed a LOT of TSA bugs in tilesets
- Updated graphics.
- Making use of the Plains 2 tileset more throughout the hack, as opposed to just one level. (3-7)
- More custom world map tiles.

3-29-15 Original Post
Changes thus far are implemented:
- Coins and coin boxes kill Mario.
- Death Counter takes place of Lives Counter.
- Mario starts off with 0 "lives" instead of the normal 4 (for fresh death counter)
- All 1ups are nullified. (1up powerups, goal card 1ups, roulette 1ups)
- Normal and Invisible 1up blocks now have mushrooms in them.
- Card matching game has 1ups and coin bonuses replaced with more stars and mushrooms.

To Do:
- Tweak more palettes (Status Bar sometimes looks like vomit)
- Sprite Editing
- Lay out future world map themes
- Fortress Lava Graphics re-edit (I suck at them)

So here are some pieces of media to show off.

Here's the title screen:

Click to go to a YouTube video of the title screen in action.
Note: The tapestries have a year underneath them; the one on the right (in the video) has been changed since those were made, and now reads "1912". Both years denote the year each was founded.

World 1 - Homeland

World 2 - Tetris

World 3 - Russian Occupation of Georgia

World 4 - Chernobyl

The next 4 worlds are in progress. It doesn't look very much like the motherland as it should, going by the name of the hack. I don't want to overdo it though; that might make it look like a really cheap pushover hack. Sprites will be changed to fit the theme. I do want to leave some graphical elements of SMB3 in though. Also, this isn't meant to perfectly reflect factual history. I'm just having fun with the hack. Been a while since anyone did much of anything for SMB3, so I decided to step up and change that.

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