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Newcomer's Board / Goonies 2, decompressing tiles with graveyardduck
« on: February 26, 2016, 04:22:19 pm »
Hey guys, I've been trying to decompress the PAL version of Goonies 2 in order to add some swedish characters among the current tile set. But I just don't understand how to use the Graveyardduck python script.
I've managed to get it to work, python 2.x something is installed on my computer and so on. But how do I know from which ROM address to input when running the script?

Newcomer's Board / Kid Icarus, adding SRAM save function
« on: January 04, 2016, 08:24:27 am »
Hi guys!

I've been away for a while, my family has had me occupied  ;)

One of my favorite NES games is Kid Icarus, but the password system is so tedious to use.
So I wanted to get more in to NES hacking other than text altering.

I've followed some of our forum friends hacks (Retrorain, umaggot) and I do understand the principle of storing information in the $6000-$8FFF RAM range.

I've managed to hijack a routine in the ROM (bank 7, always available in Kid Icarus if I've understood it correctly) and moved it inside a new routine, made by me, just to see if it works.

So everytime I collect a heart that's been left when an enemy has been killed, the heart counter will increase and that value will be stored at $6200. I used $6200 because there seemed to be values written to$6000-$60AC.

And that is now working successfully.

But now I would like to try and load data from SRAM.
I was thinking of hacking the menu after you press start at the title screen. If i push the start button at Continue, how can I then hijack into my load-routine and then start my game with hearts loaded from my SRAM?

Sorry for the newbie questions, but we're all newbs at the beginning right?  ;)

Hi all, the still-trying-to-learn-new-guy here!

I've been trying to understand how to change what happens when the START button is pressed at a certain moment in a game.
Like at a title screen with two choices, Begin or Continue.

How can I locate which routine the game jumps to when Continue is selected and the START button pressed down?

I've read about $4016 and $4017, but that's not possible to follow as they are read all the time.
I can see in the HEX Editor in FCEUX, that $0016 and $0017 catches the input from the controller (like 20 for SELECT and 10 for START). But how can I can catch that when Begin is selected and START is pressed the game will start from the beginning, and when Continue is selected and START is pressed it will go to say a Password-screen?

Newcomer's Board / NES, text hacking using pointers and bank switching
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:56:27 pm »
Hi, I'm currently translating a game (don't want to spoil it yet) and I've run into a semi halt with the intro scroll.

The game is using a "SetOff 8000" pointer system and the first pointer is pointing for the intro text in the 10000's range.
I was thinking about pointing to the 00000's range but I soon realized that won't be possible due to the fact that the pointer only consists of 4 digits.

Is there something else that I could do to sort this out?
There aren't many blank spaces in the 10000's range  :-/

Newcomer's Board / Newbie title screen editing, Spy vs Spy The Island Caper
« on: December 30, 2014, 07:40:14 pm »
Hi guys!

My first post here and I'm trying to edit the title screen on Nangoku Shirei!! - Spy vs Spy.

This is what I'm starting with:

Considering that this is the first time I've tried manipulating any graphics of some sorts I figured that I could start with changing the year of release from 1987 to 2014.
So I started with FCEUX and using the Name Table Viewer to find out the TileID and redraw them in Tile Layer Pro.

Then I thought that I might replace the title screen with something that's easy to find in Hexedit, so I replaced all tiles with © and ® and alternating between rows.

Then I ended up with this:

But I also want to fill these gaps that I've drawn across with a red marker:

And this is where I get stuck.

The hexcode for the  © and ®  alternating  rows looks like this:

I've color mapped the TileIDs corrosponding to © and ® (being D8 and D9).
What's bugging me are the ones that are circled with red marker.
They seem to be some kind of "filler" where the first byte (F0) is a tile that has no graphics in it (same as F1).

See this image for the nametable (?)

And the second byte is the amount of tiles that will be filled with the information from the first byte (F0 or F1).
If I change the second red-circle-byte-pair from F0 09 -> F0 08, I end up with this:

You can see that some tiles have changed color palette.

Long first post, but is there some way to change the amount of "fillers" without having the palette crash?


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