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Personal Projects / Final Fantasy “Women of Light” [Released]
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:20:04 am »
Page and Download link (on my own site: more up-to-date) — Submission page (on RHDN)

This is a hack of Final Fantasy (NES), so that the Light Warriors are all female. At its core, the character graphics are redrawn anew (along with some other graphics); in addition, a lot of the NPC dialogue is changed to reflect different perceptions of this fact in (what I think is) a realistically subtle way. However, the actual gameplay (plotline, class abilities, enemies, etc) remains the same, intentionally.

So, in effect, this is simply a genderswap of FF1, for those who’d like to play it that way. A simple premise – and not very technically ambitious – but which can have surprising emotional implications.

Formerly known as Ladies Night Out (by which name it had been gathering dust since 2006 or so), which in turn was a reference to my first ROM hack (with the same basic premise, but done more with sex appeal than respect in mind), Girls Night Out. But with the passing of years, the reference would be lost, and “Ladies Night Out” sounds silly by itself, so I gave it a new name.

The new character graphics:

The map screen:

The bridge scene:

I’ve also redone the ending screen (or this would’ve been released last month...), but you can go see that for yourself!

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