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Newcomer's Board / Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium
« on: January 19, 2014, 10:57:16 pm »
Hi everybody, new to the site but not to roms and patching. However I am somewhat confused with a patch I have here.

The game in question is for the Super Famicom, and is called "Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium"
A translation of this game was made yeaaaaars ago by a hacker called Sydra, but the translation was not a 100%.
Shortly after the Sydra translation someone made another set of patches simply titled and

I remember using these patches years ago and from what I recall they completed the translation patch?. (I could be wrong, its been years)

problem I'm having now is that when I try to patch the Sydra patched rom with one of these patches (they compliment the sydra patch)
is that the patching program (LunarIPS) gives me the following error.

Possible IPS File Problem

The file has been patched, but the data in the IPS file appears to be truncated or misaligned...

The patched rom does load but eventually gives me a black screen before the game starts, I can still hear the music though.

So I figured, hey its an old patch.. lets just patch it with Snestool under dosbox.
but I guess it does the same thing, because even though there is no error the rom still goes black.

Does anyone know what might be up? I googled but only found a mention of these old patches in a 2007 RHDN archive.

I uploaded a zip containing all three patches here.

I wish this game was more popular so that someone skilled might have picked it up and done a retranslation, because while playable its very.. incomplete.  :-\

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