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Hello everyone, it has been a rather long time since I've been active here.

Over the years I've worked on modding several games, the main three being Final Fantasy IV, Ocarina of Time, and .hack//Infection. I have copious amount of notes regarding these games but because my interests are often outside what an editor can do I normally have to hex edit. That's fine for small portions of simple data, but games like Ocarina of Time should really have a GUI for monster's HP, their damage tables, and how much damage they deal, that sort of thing, This goes double for .hack// which has stats, tables, skills, treasure lists, and event commands that can be easily manipulated, but it is burdensome to try and do anything large scale with that many variables with just the Hex Editor.

Alas though I pounded away at finding the information, no editor-maker ever showed up to make these matters easily accessible for the burgeoning modder. Therefore if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Unfortunately I am no coder and don't exactly know how to go about making a GUI for any potential program. Is there a template around of that sort of thing, or would I have to create one from scratch? Any help I could be given would be much appreciated.

Personal Projects / Final Fantasy IV: Combat Boost! (0.19) (88% Complete)
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:15:48 am »
12/5/2014 -Demo Released, covering up to just before the Underworld. Now with various bug and oversight fixes.

Final Fantasy IV: Combat Boost! v0.19

WARNING: Must Be An Unheadered Rom!

NOTE: All pictures come from earlier test builds and will be updated when that point in testing is pertinent

To those who pay attention to the Rom Hacking Discussion area of the forum will know that I've been releasing patches that are meant to be part of a grand project... well that project is FFIV:Combat Boost! This patch aims to increase the challenge, but also give the player more options as well. All too often a hardtype hack will not do much to level the playing field, but instead just makes the foes or obstacles more difficult to bypass and there is little feeling of reward or achievement, this is especially true in RPG's.

So while I flirted with the idea of making a straight FFIV hardtype I got to thinking that it is a relatively boring idea that has already been done before to pretty good effect so why fix what isn't broken? To those who like the base game hardtype can play that to their heart's desire. What my hack aims to do is give the player more decisions to what to use in battle.

For instance in the normal game, it's pretty much a given that A: Whips are useless, B: Strongest Armor is normally the best to equip. C: Most Commands are Worthless.

My hack takes cues from later and earlier Final Fantasy games to give a unique experience to FFIV's combat system, hence the aforementioned "Combat Boost!" name.

It also uses Vivify93's incredible Project II as a base so all of the text will be using his terminology (which is Great by the way)

A Modified Basic Battle System! - Now certain weapons will randomly use a spell when you attack or may even use a Command!

11 New Commands from Scratch - Including several significant changes to normal battle like Dragon Speech, which enables Kain to learn spells from Wounded Dragons and Hunt which allows Rosa to Hunt wounded Beasts and gain unique items and opens up its own little sidequest (nothing too massive, but one large noticeable change in Troia), and Rydia loses White Magic, but does gain Geomancy, which works as you'd expect it to in an FF game.

The New Commands are as follows...

Dragon Speech - Dragoon Kain speaks to critically wounded dragons to learn wisdom from them, and in thanks let's them go.

Bardsong - Taking a cue from FFIII NES and DS - Bardsong uses a Song dependent on the Harp you have equipped and in addition raises the attack of party members, used by Edward and Paladin Cecil.

Advance - Cid increases his attack in proportion to his Strength stat, but loses defense in the same proportion.

(Picture Eventually)

ItemLord - Looks at the first usable item in your inventory and splits it or makes it a single target attack. A Command for Cid.

Caption: A Couerl Whisker is Split to hit all Foes.

Hunt - Inspired by FFT's Poach System, Rosa will automatically slay critically wounded Beasts (a new enemy type replacing, but including, Reptiles) by using this command, which dependent on the enemy's level can yield up to 24 different items.

Caption: Rosa slays a Basilisk with Hunt and earns an Item in doing so.

Arrow Barrage - Inspired by FFIII, Rosa will use two arrows to attack Twice. Dependent on her Strength she can shoot more.

Caption: Rosa Prepares to Fire.

Elemental Weapon - Tellah draws in the elemental power around him, endowing his weapon with random elements. (Note: Tellah can equip Swords in this hack and is more akin to a Red Mage in his equipment set-up)

Coat Weapon - Looking at the First Inventory Slot, Cid uses his knowledge of Chemistry to reverse the healing powers of herbs and solutions and applies this to his weapon (example: Antidote - Poison Weapon).

(Picture Eventually)

Geomancy - Rydia can call up the powers of the Earth to assist her (with a chance of failure) and dependent on the background of the battle the effect will differ.

Item Seek - A Weapon Only Command. When this Command activates on the enemy it hits, the enemy's drop percentage will jump from 5% to 25%.

(Picture Eventually)

Katana Soul - Inspired by FFT, Edge can call forth the latent powers hidden within his Katanas to use various effects on his friends and foes, there is a chance of the weapon breaking on use.

Caption: Only Katanas may be used in this command.

The power of this Katana is a Full Party Psych!

And every command that hasn't been radically changed has a new effect (except for Jump and Cover) and every school of magic has a couple of new spells, with an entirely new school in the Break Skills, inspired from FFT and several Dragoon skills, unique skill that Kain will learn from the Five Dragons should he use Dragon Speech at the right time.

Dark Wave is now Dark Omen - A Spell is cast dependent on Wisdom that Curses all foes and damages them a fair amount but deals 1/8 of Cecil's HP and turns him into a Zombie for the remainder of battle, meaning that HP healing will hurt him. So be ever cautious with its use.

Caption: Dark Omen is effecting all foes.

Focus has lost its defense dividers, and can deal full damage to foes in the Back Row.

Kick now has a special conditional, if you are not wearing any armor while using it it will deal double the damage (as an FFI reference)

Gird works entirely differently. Gird, when used, will change Yang's Level into his Defense and with a rare Master's Headband Speed is also added onto that amount. (Another FFI reference where the Absorb of the Monk was dependent on his Level.)

Twin can target allies or enemies. If allies are the target a Healing spell will be used on the party.

Steal's chance has been increased by 10% and will steal the fourth item in the table, rather than the first, meaning that the Rare Items are 1/32 rather than a 1/64 as they were before.  In addition with the Thief Gauntlets, Steal becomes Mug and using it will give you a free attack!

Regen is now a Spell, rather than a Command, but even there it is changed. The amount of healing done is dependent on the Spirit of the Caster.

The new spells are as follows...
Break Skills - Dark Knight Cecil/Tellah/Paladin Cecil (White Spell Menu)

Seal Break - Reduces an Enemy's Magic Defense by 25%.
Power Break - Reduces an Enemy's Attack by 25%
Speed Break - Reduces an Enemy's Speed by 25%
Armor Break - Reduces an Enemy's Defense by 25%
Mind Break - Reduces an Enemy's Spell Power by 25%

White Magic

Regen - (Explained above)

Piercing Sight - Inspired by FFIV:The After Years, Piercing Sight will get rid of an Enemy's status buffs and will randomly change their weakness, and use Scan at the same time so you can know what it has changed to.

Black Magic

Aura - Inspired by FFII. Aura will, dependent on the Caster's Wisdom, give the Target ability to deal Extra Damage to Enemy's depending on their Type.
Example: Rydia has 40 Wisdom and casts Aura on Cecil. Cecil will then have x4 Damage to Zombie, Mage, Slime, Giant, and Spirit. At 10 Wisdom though, if this spell were to be used, only Zombie would have x4 Damage applied. At 60 Wisdom all enemy types have x4 Damage. (Thanks to Chillyfeez for helping with the routine)


Taunt - Edge can taunt a single foe into attacking him.

Dragon Skills (White Spell Menu)

Reis' Wind (Or WindR) - Will restore all Allies HP by 1/3 of their Current HP.

Gale - Can deal good damage against flying enemies. Air Elemental.

Dragon Breath (Breth) - Deals damage to foes dependent on Kain's current HP.

Lancet (Lance) will do a normal attack with Kain that is Absorb Elemental, restoring 1/2 of the damage done.

Sky Rave (SkyRv) - Kain Jumps into the Air and shoots Lightning down, dealing massive damage to all foes. Holy/Air Elemental.

But wait, there's more!

By equipping a certain helmet and ring you can emulate Item Lore and Chemistry from FFIII and FFX.

By equipping the Scholar Helmet you will deal double damage with attack Items (more important in this then they ever were before due to enemy Magic Evasion being fixed... for once in an FFIV release)

By equipping the Chemist Ring all healing you do with Potions will recover x2 their amount.

Finally by equipping Odin's Armor on Paladin Cecil his Cover command will act like Dark Omen!

Normal Cover command, nothing different there.

Yet by equipping Odin's Armor...

Paladin Cecil can use Cover as if it were Dark Omen!

And this doesn't even cover the sidequest that is accessed through Hunt!

Nor does it cover the many different new weapons that one can find, or the completely revamped Item Tables.

Stay tuned for further updates! All that is realistically left on my part is maybe a couple more code routines, but the biggest part remaining will be changing enemy's stats and maybe some AI.

EDIT: 2/16/14 - Completed up through the Old Waterway, Octomamm can be a bit tricky now. He sports a new weakness, but he also has a new strength. Also in this battle, Cecil (or Tellah) may be his own worst enemy, use the Shadow Blade judiciously...

Staff now has a new spell called "HolyBeam" which deals a little less damage than the Rod's MageDart, but it has the potential of hitting twice, making it more powerful than MageDart. And true to its name it is Holy Elemental which might make taking out the Zombies (which you might want to do for their unique rare item) a bit of an easier time.

Here is where Dark Omen stops tearing through everything that moves. They have enough magic evasion or magic defense to mitigate the damage. That does mean now that the full power of Curse can be seen however...

Hello, I'm Grimoire LD (Also known as LastingDawn , Xu Yuan, or Three Pendants in some other hacking circles) and these past few months I have been doing an indepth exploration of Final Fantasy IV (II US SNES) since it is my favorite game on the SNES. I've mapped out all of the Character Commands and with the help of old info. from a fellow named Yousei have also mapped out all Spell Routines (except for the Audiovisual effect call spells, I need to get back to that one day) and can mod each pretty freely to my own liking.

I've created quite a fair number of new commands and spell routines (with the help of Chillyfeez) and have even added a new gameplay mechanic off of a broken section of data that would attempt (and sometimes fail) to slowly petrify a foe with gradual petrification on a weapon. The issue with this code originally is that it could sporadically freeze the game. So I took the main base of it and altered it to instead that when Calcify (Gradual Petrification) from a Weapon (in the right hand) is inflicted, then to look at the assigned weapon... If it is one of ten weapons, the game will run through a special RNG, see if the RNG is below 50 and if it is to run the unique weapon's routine.

For instance... the Shadow Blade, the second Dark Sword now has a chance to use Dark Wave when you normally attack with it, damaging all enemies as if you had used the command yourself.

This is to give a bit more variety to FFIV's... fairly blase equipment system and mix things up a bit.

You can find the entire catalogue of my FFIV work (well most of it, not all) on this page. Though I think I will also post the patches on RHDN's forums.

I will copy/paste the description of this patch from slickproductions...

It uses Vivify93's absolutely awesome ProjectII Patch as a base for several reasons...

One, treasure put in all of its proper spots.
Two, better translation.
Three, bug fixes.
Four, general improvements.

This patch includes the mods Imbued Weapons and ItemLord.

In addition is the changing of several weapons stats to reflect their new purposes.

The Poison Claw loses Poison and is now the "Martial Claw" when you attack with it is has a chance to use Kick.

The Change Rod now has Immense physical power for a Caster's weapon of that level and randomly uses Recall.

The Silver Staff is now the Scholar Staff that can be bought for a princely sum at the Silvera Weapon Shop, it can randomly use ItemLord.

The Darkness Blade (called Shadow in the normal FFIV translations,, confusing) can use Dark Wave and when used from a weapon it curiously does not reduce HP.

The Ancient Sword's power has been immensely upgraded. Its ability is a powerful Regen. So you have to be careful when and how you use it, it has lost Curse though.

The Silver Knife is now the Thief's Knife which can be found lying around as always, it goes without saying its ability is Steal.

The Medusa Blade (broken piece of junk... entire point of this hack anyhow...) has been replaced by the Coral Sword, which is a rare drop from Baron Fighters. But they've had their drop table changed so it may be worth grinding for. Its power is on par with the other Elemental Swords and we know that Lightning rules the day in the Tower of Babil.

The Ragnarok now has Focus as its ability so using it can be a double edged sword, you may stall yourself for several turns in a row.

On the other hand this hack introduces the Dark Crystal Sword. A copy of the Crystal Sword (Ragnarok) but two handed (yep, really created it there...). Its ability is Dark Wave, which can be Very useful late game and with the added bonus of not losing any life when its used. The Dark Crystal Sword is obtained along with the Ragnarok so you can mix and match as you please, per the situation.

Last but not least the Charmer's Harp becomes the Siren's Harp... I bet you can guess what it will do (Hint: It's Sing). Taking a cue from Paladin's old mod, Rydia can equip Harps as well so it is worth holding onto this for her return.

As for character changes... there's only been one.

Edward has lost Salve(now (Item)Lord and it now belongs to Cid.

I should give a brief synopsis of what ItemLord does... ItemLord will read the first usable item in your inventory and split it, it can be used on Friend or Foe. Single, in case you want that powerful attack magic item to focus on a single target, or multiple for when you're in a bit of trouble and everyone could use a bit of healing or if you're down to your last man and a mass Life Potion can turn the tides. ItemLord is used in this because Salve will only target whoever it is currently targeting and use that assigned item spell on it. Default that is a use of a Cure Potion for deficient amount of healing, granted in Project II it's a cure potion for Cure3 Potion healing, but... it would be on the enemy.

I decided to give it to Cid because you might Actually need it when he's in the party, rather than breezing through the Dark Knight portion of the game with yet another useless skill.

And without further ado, here is the patch...

Keep in mind it must be a v1.1 and Unheadered! (I made this mistake too many times.)

And please, give me your thoughts on it!

FFIV-Imbued Weapons.ips

January 10, 2014, 06:02:09 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I've now started to put some of my older (by "older" in this case, I mean 2 days...) custom routines into patches.

This one includes Katana Soul, better known to FF Fans as Draw Out/Iaido/Sword Spirit/whatever you please.

This changes Dart into Katana Soul, meaning that you cannot throw Anything anymore. But it does mean that each Katana (save Short/Kunai) and the Cleaver (Spoon)  has its own special "Draw Out" ability.

The abilities are as follows...

Middle/Ashura - Cast Dragon Breath on All Targets (Does 25% of your max life to all enemies)
Long/Kotetsu - Cast Heat Ray on All Targets (A decent Fire Attack, doesn't suffer from Split Damage)
Ninja/Kikuichi - Cast Osmose on All Targets (and absorb the total of their lost MP.)
Murasame - Cast Absorb on All Targets (Absorb gives the targets 1/3 of their Current HP back.)
Masamune - Cast Haste on All Targets.
Spoon/Knife/Cleaver - Cast Big Bang on All Targets.

Now since this is trying to replicate FFT, there is a 50% chance (not accurate to FFT, I know) that when you use a Soul Sword you will lose it.

Here's a couple of pictures this time around...

Same patching rules as the first post. Again using Project II as a base.

Katana Soul.ips

January 10, 2014, 10:20:09 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

In the Patch you will see that Dark Knight Cecil starts with a Break Skill and 50 MP, he will gain more as you level. He'll learn the last one at Level 20.

In addition, Tellah can now use Swords and will learn the Break Skills when he relearns all of his spells on Mt. Ordeals.

Paladin Cecil will have a much slower time of obtaining the Break Skills again, learning the first one at 24 and the last one at 40.

Cecil and Tellah are the only two that will be able to use Break Skills in this patch. (of course as the patch is aimed at modders you can do whatever you want with it, heh.)

Everything has a cost, and the cost this time was the Sylph Formula. This means that Sylph's effect has been changed as well. The effect is now a more powerful Osmose (you weren't spending MP to use it anyhow...)

In addition because of the new Break Skills, five spells had to be replaced...

Hold - Seal Break (Lowers Target's Magic Defense by 1/4)
Armor - Power Break (Lowers Target's Attack by 1/4)
Safe - Speed Break (Increases Target's Speed Rating by 1/4, generally making it half as powerful as Slow)
Dispel/Curse - Armor Break (Lowers Target's Defense by 1/4)
Sight - Mind Break (Lowers Target's Spell Power by 1/4)

Not huge losses, I should hope. I do hope the new Battle Skills were worth it.

Break Skill Patch

January 11, 2014, 02:25:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
When I first thought of this project I cynically said "Geomancy? For what? The three types of cave that you visit endlessly through the game?" And though there are a Lot of caves, there's also a fair amount of other dungeon types with different backgrounds, so I decided to take advantage of it.

This command replaces Peep/Study and uses every last byte Peep/Study had to offer to make it work. This command, as true to Geomancy in FFIII NES, reads the battle background and will use an ability in correspondence. Because of space limitations several backgrounds share the same Geomancy effect unfortunately. The majority of moves are enemy only spells, but this patch also adds in two new spells. CalmWind for the Field and AirBlade for Forests, Deserts, Beaches, and Mountains. Like FFIII however there is a 35% chance upon use that it will Backfire, self destructing the User and dealing the User's HP damage to the enemies.

Now what you can expect from this patch... Rydia will be given the Geomancy skill in this patch in replacement of White Magic (in-battle. She will still learn Cure as a child and you can use it outside of battle.) and will have it throughout the game. This was a difficult decision. I wanted to give Geomancy to a character with staying power, my initial thought was Rosa, but she's not with you in one or two Geomancy unique areas (Watery Caves comes to mind) my other thought was Cecil, but that just seemed a bit out of character for him, so in the end I went with Rydia. Aside from Rosa she is with Cecil for the most time, Kain has large gaps of being gone and Edge joins pretty late into the fray.

The battlefields that represent which effect will be used are as follows.

CalmWind (Puts all enemies to sleep) - Field
AirBlade (Deals Wind Elemental Damage) - Forests, Mountains, Indoors, Beach, Desert
ColdMist (Deals Low Ice Elemental Damage) - Caves with Rivers, Moon, On Board Ship
Big Wave (Deals 1/4 of target's life to target.) - Watery Caves
(Enemy) Quake (Deals High Damage)- Caves with Holes
Breath (Causes a multitude of stats effects) - Sylph Cave/Feymarch
Thunder  (Deals 1/4 of target's life to target. Lightning Elemental) - Towers and Giant
Random Choice - Lunar Caverns, Lunar Core, Underworld, Zeromus, Night Battle (in case a hacker wanted to give Edward Geo.)

And that is that! As always, please give me your thoughts on these.


January 12, 2014, 08:44:33 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

This next patch aims to be more akin to FFIII DS's Sing and therefore will make Sing:

A - Target All Allies.
B - Use a Spell dependent on the Harp Equipped (Note: If spells have 0 Power from the weapon they cannot be used successfully from the Item Menu, (there may be exceptions) but can be easily used for other purposes. Which is what this routine is built upon)
C - Will raise the Party's Attack by 5.

Now because FFIII is the theme, this tries its best to try and mimic the effects from the FFIII DS's Harps because of this there are now three new harps in replacement of two axes (will use the empty slot that was used as the Dark Crystal Sword in my other patch as well)

Sing Effect -
Madhura Harp - Casts Protect
Dream Harp - Casts Remedy (10% Max HP recovery)
Apollo Harp - Casts Shell
Loki Harp - Casts Haste
Lamia Harp - Casts Angelic(Music) - Restores a small amount of MP per cast.

Paladin Cecil will be able to Sing and equip Harps (only because I'm out of usable spots to give it to anyone else and Kain singing is a little silly...ier than Cecil.) and I plan on each of my patches being stackable.) so don't throw those Harps away when Edward leaves!

You will be able to get Loki Harps as Uncommon and Rare drops from Moon enemies.

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