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ROM Hacking Discussion / Keep the Balance (GBC) music research
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:32:00 am »
So lately I've been researching the music format in Keep the Balance. Here's what I have so far:
Code: [Select]
Sound bank locations:
$28000 (Title screen)
$2C000 (Credits theme)
$44000 (In-game 1)
$48000 (In-game 2)
$4C000 (In-game 3)
$50000 (In-game 4)
$54000 (In-game 5)
NOTE: All addresses listed are relative to start of sound bank.
$0000: Length of pattern table
$0001-$0002: ??? ($0001 doesn't seem to affect anything, $0002 causes the song to glitch up if set to anything other than $07)
$0003: Timer divider (usually set to $05)
$0004: Song speed
$0005-[value of $0000]: Pattern table
[end of pattern table]-[end of pattern table + $11]: Unknown (Pointer table of some sort? Values seem to be the same across all sound banks)
[end of unknown area]-[end of unknown area + $10]: CH3 waveform (same for all songs but can be modified)
[end of waveform]-[variable]: Song data (see below for format)
[end of song data]-[variable]: SFX data (TODO: Document this!)
Song data consists of many rows. Each row consists of $16 bytes, layed out in a tracker-style format. This is further divided into columns, which defines the note to play for each channel in order for that particular row.
Example row (taken from title screen music):
1A 80 04 00 | 24 50 03 00 | 18 00 07 00 | 3D 50 05 00
For CH1 and CH2:
Byte 1 = Note (see note table below)
Byte 2 = Volume (first nybble)*, Delay (second nybble)
Byte 3 = Command (first nybble) / Pulse width (second nybble)**
Byte 4 = Command parameters
For CH3:
Byte 1 = Note
Byte 2 = Volume (first nybble), Delay (second nybble)
Byte 3 = Command (first nybble) / Unknown (second nybble, must be 7 or no sound will play!)
Byte 4 = Command parameters
For CH4:
Byte 1 = Noise type
Byte 2 = Volume (first nybble), Delay (second nybble)
Byte 3 = Command (first nybble) / Unknown (second nybble) (must be 05 if no other command is used otherwise no sound will play!)
Byte 4 = Command parameters
* If volume is 0 and delay is zero, engine assumes max volume. If volume is zero and delay is some other value, engine assumes delayed note cut (?)
** 1 = 12.5%, 2 = 25%, 3 = 50% (square), 4 = 75% (sounds like 25%)

Command list seems to be mostly the same as the .XM format, with a few exceptions.
TODO: Finish figuring out which XM commands work and which don't.
0 = Arpeggio
1 = Note slide up
2 = Note slide down
3 = ???
4 = ??? (Vibrato?)
A = Volume slide
D = Pattern break

01=C-2 02=C#2 03=D-2 04=D#2 05=E-2 06=F-2 07=F#2 08=G-2 09=G#2 0A=A-2 0B=A#2 0C=B-2
0D=C-3 0E=C#3 0F=D-3 10=D#3 11=E-3 12=F-3 13=F#3 14=G-3 15=G#3 16=A-3 17=A#3 18=B-3
19=C-4 1A=C#4 1B=D-4 1C=D#4 1D=E-4 1E=F-4 1F=F#4 20=G-4 21=G#4 22=A-4 23=A#4 24=B-4
25=C-5 26=C#5 27=D-5 28=D#5 29=E-5 2A=F-5 2B=F#5 2C=G-5 2D=G#5 2E=A-5 2F=A#5 30=B-5
31=C-6 32=C#6 33=D-6 34=D#6 35=E-6 36=F-6 37=F#6 38=G-6 39=G#6 3A=A-6 3B=A#6 3C=B-6
3D=C-7 3E=C#7 3F=D-7 40=D#7 41=E-7 42=F-7 43=F#7 44=G-7 45=G#7 46=A-7 47=A#7 48=B-7

Note that my research is not complete yet, but it should be possible to create custom music using what I've been able to research so far. Given the tracker-style format, it would be more efficient to create a simple .XM converter rather than manually hex edit the music in by hand. Although manually hex editing the music in is certainly an option...

Also, here is a video I made featuring a simple edit of the title screen music.

EDIT: Custom music insertion is definitely possible, proof:

Personal Projects / Sonic the Hedgehog Edited (Demo)
« on: April 23, 2014, 06:19:08 pm »
(There was already a topic for this, but I didn't feel like digging for it.)

This is a demo release of my hack of Sonic the Hedgehog, titled Sonic the Hedgehog Edited. I wish I had more to say, but I don't.

Download Patch (BPS format)

BTW: Credit goes to Hcktrox for the homing attack, Electroball for GHZ1 layout, and nineko, MarkeyJester, KCEXE, and several others for some of the music tracks.

Newcomer's Board / My second attempt at entering the ROM Hacking community
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:37:22 pm »
With my first attempt, I kinda forgot that you expected an IPS file rather than a ROM. I realize the mistake I made. However, I won't make an IPS for that hack due to shifted data.

Anyway, this is my second attempt at entering, this time with a Super Mario World hack, named Super Mario Paynt. (WARNING: This is a joke hack!)

Quote from: Changelog
* Level 105 (the first (and pretty much only) level) has been heavily modified to be, well, let's just say "random". You'll see.
* Level 103 has been changed to be a "random" version of Yoshi's House. (The original version of Yoshi's House has been left unmodified and is used for the "THANK YOU" screen.)
* Level 105 ends with the fight against Bowser.
* The overworld has been modified so that the only levels that are available are Yoshi's House and Yoshi's Island 1 (which are named "yushis hause" and "field of bunze" respectively).
* The turn block graphics have been changed to look something like this:
* Added variants of the coin, question block, 3-Up moon, and note blocks that use the aforementioned turn block graphics.
Quote from: Story
aftr mrio savd teh prinses agen bowsr sed "i haet maryo i mus fynd a wai 2 kil him" so he got teh bluprintz 4 caos paynt frum robotnik nd improvd it tehn pord it alll ovr yushi nd mryo nd weeji nd teh wurld nd yushi nd wijee dyd an nao only mriyo remaens so mrio wnet 2 kil bowzr b4 he pord paynt on teh prinses
Quote from: Controls
run around lowr buttins r jump nd uppr buttns r run dont get hit by bad gys dis is teh best hax evr dont u agre

(BTW This hack is a tribute to a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog called "Sonic in Paynt".)

Download (262 KB)

So, here I make an attempt to enter the forums with my Sonic 1 hack: Sonic the Hedgehog Edited.

Here's a list of what is in it as far as I remember:

* New Sega screen
* Press Start Button text is now correctly displayed on title screen
* Palette edits
* New moves: Jumpdash (Selbi), Double Jump (original), and Spindash
* New title card art
* End-of-level victory pose
* Boss edits
* New layout for GHZ1 (Electroball) and SLZ1
* Different music per act (nineko)
* New music (some ported myself, others nineko)
* Each boss has its own music
* New signpost art
* Minor art edits to Sonic (specifically his shoes have stripes when bouncing off a spring)
* Minor Sonic animation edits
* Minor changes to Sonic's mappings
* Sonic 2 palette
* Minor art edit to Labyrinth Zone
* New title cards for GHZ, MZ, SYZ, and SBZ
* Mega PCM sound driver (vladikcomper)
* Alternate player character (WIP)
That's all I can remember for now.

And now, the screenshots.
New Sega screen:

New title cards + GHZ (dang, off by 1 frame & too lazy to retake):

Double jump + GHZ:

End of level + GHZ:




New SLZ1 layout + Double Jump:


Controls: Mainly the same as Sonic 1, plus the following:
Spin Dash: Hold Down and press A, B, or C. Keep pressing A, B, or C to charge.
Jump Dash: Jump and press B or C.
Double Jump: Jump and press A.

Level Select: Press Up, Down, Left, Right on the title screen.
Debug mode: Press C, C, Up, Down, Left, Right on the title screen.
Alternate character (WIP): Press B on the title screen to select alternate character, press B again to switch back to Sonic.

Download link: -rom link removed-

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