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Personal Projects / Mass Effect Zero
« on: July 13, 2014, 03:42:20 pm »
Just thought I'd share a little of my current project, now I have time to work on it again... I'm hacking the Mega Drive version of Starflight into a Mass Effect game. Not a lot of progress so far, but its good to share!

The commander in N7 style armour

Title screen (glitchy, DMA has screwed my brain with tilemaps)

Full shot of the commander on the starbase:-

I've got a friend helping me with the script, and I'm fully documenting my progress, plans, and ideas here. I'm a total newb, so going through my thought process is really helping me.

EDIT: spelling and BBcode are hard with autocorrect

Newcomer's Board / Genesis CRAM-Palette Tool?
« on: August 10, 2013, 01:49:17 pm »
Does anybody know of any tools/scripts around that can convert a Genesis CRAM dump into a palette file, or list of RGB colours?

Alternatively, does anybody know which CRAM addresses correspond to which palettes/colours?

Newcomer's Board / Help with breakpoints in RegenD
« on: August 08, 2013, 05:37:05 pm »
Hi, having a little issue here using RegenD. I'm working on the title screen for my Starflight/Mass Effect hack for the MD/Genesis, but can't find the tilemap anywhere. So far my title screen looks like this:-

As you can see, it's not perfect - but with a few changes to the tilemap, I should be able to fix it up. I found the tilemap in VRAM, but can't find it anywhere in the ROM directly. As per the VDP registers below, it is at h0x2000 in VRAM (the on-screen title is on Plane B)

As I can't find the tilemap details plainly in the ROM, I thought I could track down where it s written from using breakpoints. I've tried to set up a breakpoint in RegenD like this:-

I've set it to break whenever the byte at the beginning of the tilemap is read or written, but it never breaks. I can see the VRAM fill up at that location with the VDP debugger, so it is clearly being written to, but the emulator never breaks to show me the assembly of what's going on.

So my main question, really, is what have I done wrong setting up this breakpoint?

Any help is greatly appreciated, it's got me a little stumped!

Newcomer's Board / Genesis Graphics Editing
« on: May 25, 2013, 03:26:13 pm »
Hi all. I'm starting a little project, and looking into changing some sprites/title screens on a Genesis/Mega Drive game for part of the hack. So far my text hunting and changes seem to be working fine, but when it comes to graphics changes, having a few issues though...

Firstly, how can you get palette data from a genesis ROM? I've loaded up the game in tile layer pro, and can find some of the tiles I want to edit, but all the colours are wrong. Where do I get the palette information from?

Secondly, in the part of the title screen I want to change, some tiles are reused - and the graphic I want to replace it with won't have tiles duplicated... Where would I start looking for the layout information in the ROM?

Is there any good source for information on this, or any tips you guys have?

Cheers, Category

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