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I've been screwing around with hacking The Thousand-Year Door and so I've been using gcrebuilder along with jackoalan's custom-build of Audacity to modify the .stm files for the game's BGMs. I'm rebuilding from a root folder exported from a fresh ISO and I always repack/rebuild the root folder to a custom ISO. I'm also using the latest stable of Dolphin (5.0 x64), too.

Problem is, when the game gets to a point where the custom music I inserted gets to the end of it's loop, it crashes and makes a horrible buzzing noise until I close or kill the process. Any idea of what might be doing this from the replaced music and how I can fix it?

I've narrowed it down maybe, since the custom music .stm(s) I inserted technically work, I can hear them in game, short of the crash/softlock I get. I've taken precautions such as making sure it's stereo, that I include the loop label, 32000Hz, same/smaller file size, 16-bit PCM: but I'm not sure if the game is so fussy about some of those specific details in order to get the custom music working without any crashes or softlocks. I don't think it is for Hz or bitdepth as for requiring 32000Hz or 16-bit PCM but I like being better safe than sorry.

Personal Projects / Zelda Gamekit
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:47:51 pm »
Dev Livestreams (at 8 PM PST on most days)
The gamekit is made in Construct 2 r227, which is a game editor akin to Game Maker, except it primarily supports HTML5.

(haven't been here in ages, was on a two-three year hiatus from my old project then been busy for a month with this, wanted to polish it first)
Been working on a gamekit that plays like the oldschool 2D Zelda games, such as A Link to The Past, Minish Cap, and Four Swords. A Link to the Past is where most of the influence and design will be but I'm considering implementing gameplay mechanics from the other games, including the 3D ones.

This started on the 22th of February (2016), and progress is coming along. A bunch of basic gameplay features are implemented, along with basic a-rpg combat, some functioning items, and an inventory system. A full version (capx and all) will be released once nearly all of the gameplay mechanics are in and bugfree. Edit: Took a small break at the end of March until this May, but now back to work with this.

Scirra, for this awesome game engine that is so amazingly capable
Nintendo, for the video game series that ahem is...a legend.
amiltonbr, for the original base this gamekit is partially based on (although, the capx has been stripped of most of that, save for the 8d movement)
schueppe, advice and sharing techniques with me on how to handle ARPG things
dpyellow, for his old Zelda capx I found (it helped me integrate a few things, namely the pause menu, future shooting/passive AI and future bombs/bow/boomerang)
R0j0hound, for his sliding against diagonal slopes example
C-7, for an example of ledge jumping and dynamic lighting
Magistross, for the dialog system (edited version of a paid Scirra store products, kudos Magi)

Screenshots and videos:
Video 1 (very early build, when I first started)
Video 2 (mid-build)
Video 3 (build 0.6)
Video 4 (latest 0.7)
Dev Livestream
Dev Livestream 2  (latest unstable build, 6/9/2016)
Inventory screen
Enemy stuff
Current HUD
Reworked textbox/dialog
Heart containers and pieces
Functioning lamp
Map changing
Dynamic lighting

Current Features:
*Tilemaps for mapping, with original resolution tiles (two tilemaps, one on bottom for mapping, and one on top for setting collision detections for walls, etc)
*Eight directional movement with proper animation
*Variables, gametext, and item configurable gamedata stored in arrays, set predefined by loaded JSON files
*Basic pickupable overworld objects (keys, rupees, hearts, etc)
*Signs, with proper textbox, font, letter by letter text, proper pausing and skipping
*Pushable blocks, they move 16 tiles per push, have animations and sound, and will not move if against an obstacle
*Switches, enough said
*Chests, animations and sound, can be locked
*Liftable and throwable objects (pots as example)
*Doorway transition animations
*Zone based camera
*Functioning doorways into other rooms (if on a big map, such as one floor of a dungeon or Hyrule Castle)
*Proper collision detection (solid walls, working stairs in a room, etc)
*Heart Pieces & Heart Containers
*Hearts and magic bar system
*Basic patrolling pathfinding and line of sight AI (with Green Soldier as an example)
*Basic combat (collision detection, sword swinging, etc)
*Inventory system (moving cursor, cursor bounded to menu boundaries, sound effects, flashing cursor, and setting item to active slot)
*Sliding against diagonal slopes
*Jumping from ledges
*Working bridges that can be passed under/over
*Map-changing (such as going inside of houses)
*Compiled tilemaps like this
*Dynamic lighting (like in A Link to The Past's Hyrule Castle Sewers)

Planned Features (in order of priority):
*Different enemy AIs beyond basic, including possibly Boss AI but generally passive and shooting AI (already have working examples outside of the gamekit)
*Proper title/menu screen with save system support
*Optional day/night system (can be disabled)
*Gamepad support
*Expanding gamedata jsons and eventing to include extra mechanics from other Zelda games such as Fire Arrows, Lens of Truth, and Pictobox (not a high priority)
*Customizable drag and drop sets of compiled tilemaps/HUDs/SEs (choose between A Link To The Past, Minish Cap, Four Swords, or Ocarina of Time, not a high priority atm)

Personal Projects / Pokemon MysticAurelian Version
« on: April 30, 2013, 02:00:57 pm »
(Junnin, and such is credited to MagesPages as these are originally his ideas.)
I'm working on a Pokemon FireRed Version rom hack named Pokemon MysticAurelian Version based off of the artwork of MagesPages (later known as PokePages). A gallery of his stuff can be seen here: ( and here: )
Screenshots below, and please excuse the poor quality of some of the gallery art, MagesPages took down his art a few years ago for no known reason and it's now scattered all over the internet. As for anybody wondering about the rights of my usage of his art, he hasn't been around for years. He disappeared around 2008-2009, removed all of his art from his old dA account (aside from the 500x500 pieces scattered around the internet), deactivated his newer dA account, and even shut down his email listed on his new dA account (you get an "invalid recipent" and such), so I'm pretty much in the clear. He's getting credit, of course.

A basic synopsis of Pokemon MysticArelian Version:
*Is set in a new region named Junnin, with +80 new Pokemon. The region is somewhat influenced by Australia.
*The professor's name is Pine, who works in a wild-life reserve and studies Pokemon ecology. Instead of the hero/herione and their rival getting their starter Pokemon from Pokeballs, they instead have hatched from Pokemon eggs and start out at level 1.
*The three starter Pokemon are the Small-Leaf Pokemon Eucuwala (A highly social green koala bear Pokemon, with physical oriented stats), the Swinging Pokemon Kindlemur (An agile lemur Pokemon, with speed oriented stats), and the Fin Pokemon Dimetrus (An aquatic dimetrodon Pokemon, with physical and special defensive oriented stats).
*The main villainous team of the region is named Team Zodiac, and aside from grunts, spies, and scientists, is split into 12 sub-admins based off of the western zodiac and a main admin, based and named after Ophiuchus. They are after the legendary Pokemon Orakey, said to hold all of the answers to the universe. The sub-admins appearances, personalities, and type speciality (if any) are based off of their respective zodiacs. For example, Sub-Admin(s) Pisces are actually male and female twins, specialize in Water and Ice type Pokemon, and have a bad habit of interrupting each other.

Title screen
So, what's your name, kid?
Charge Town

Professor Pine
Aiden (Hero)
Eucuwala back sprites
Kindlemur back sprites
Dimetrus back sprites
Orakey (mascot/main legendary)

Poll. Input desired!
1. Which existing starters should stay in the rom hack, Gen I, Gen II, Gen III, Gen IV, or Gen V? What I was going to do was offer two sets of
starters mid-game to late game as six different in-game trades. You can pick one of the six trades, but the rest vanish once you do.
The set you didn't pick is then offered as a reward for a post-game quest.

2. Which Pokemon do you think should stay, if any in particular? Your suggestion(s) doesn't have to be before Generation IV. If you suggest a
Pokemon, should there be any changes made? Like new moves, via egg moves, level, tm, tutor, etc. Base stats, ability changes, balancing, etc.
Nothing un-nessasary though please, constructive changes only. The list below is a reserved slots list, due to pre-evo/new-evo plans based off
of MagesPages' source art:

Tropius (pre-evo)
Aerodactyl (pre-evo)
Murkrow (pre-evo)
Honchkrow (included because previous evolution has a new pre-evo)
Mr. Mime (evo)
Skarmory (pre-evo)
Riolu (split-evo, technically sort of...female versions, like miltank and tauros)
Lucario (split-evo, technically sort of...female versions, like miltank and tauros)
Smoochum (included because it's evolution has a new evo)
Jynx (evo)
Omanyte (evo)
Omastar (evo)
Smeargle (pre-evo)
Tangela (pre-evo)
Tangrowth (included because previous evolution has a new pre-evo)
Sneasel (pre-evo)
Weavile (included because previous evolution has a new pre-evo)
Phanpy (included because it's evolution has a new evo)
Donphan (evo) (might remove, MagesPages drew the art for this as a request, and the requester doesn't support projects that use an artist's work without permission)
Sableye (evo)

3. What should the heroine look like?
Hair style? Hair color? Clothes? Such as what type of shoes? What sort of t-shirt? Any accesories such as like watches?
What color should her backpack be?

4. What should the rival be like and look like?
What should be the default name(s)? What sort of personality? Snooty and cocky like Gen I's rival? Cruel and antagonistic like Gen II's rival?
Friendly like the later generation rivals? A composition/something more complex? Any motives or goals they have?
Any particular past events in their lives?
Hair style? Hair color? Clothes? Such as what type of shoes? What sort of t-shirt? Any accesories such as like sunglasses?

5. See this map below? It has a list of numbered markers, which are unknown/un-named areas.
Any ideas of what each of these areas should be, what sort of Pokemon they have
available (including of the regional dex;, so please look at that before listing any suggested Pokemon!),
what purpose should they fill, etc? (ignore 21, that's the Junnin Pokemon League)

Starter Stats (input desired)
The following is in review and help/advice would be great.

Eucuwala, so far, is characterized as a physical fighter with semi-poor Special stats, and somewhat above average HP/Speed.
Base stats/Info:
Type: Grass (Later Grass/Fighting)
Ability: Leaf Guard
Leaf Guard
HP: 55
ATK: 68
DEF: 55
SP ATK: 45
SP DEF: 45
Total: 318
Egg groups: Human-like/Field
Starting moves: Scratch, and Leer
Ideal TMs/HMs: Focus Punch, Bulk Up, Bullet Seed, Sunny Day, Giga Drain, Toxic, Hidden Power, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Solar Beam, Grass Knot, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Attract and Brick Break/Strength and Rock Smash
Kindlemur, so far, is characterized as a fast special fighter with below-average physical stats, and somewhat below-average HP and high base speed.
Base stats/Info:
Type: Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
HP: 40
ATK: 42
DEF: 41
SP ATK: 62
SP DEF: 55
Total: 306
Egg groups: Human-like/Field
Starting moves: Scratch, and Leer
Ideal TMs/HMs: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hone Claws, Toxic, Hidden Power, Taunt, Protect, Frustration, Return, Double Team, Facade, Flame Charge, Rest, Attract, Low Sweep, Round, Overheat, Fling, Incinerate, Will-O-Wisp, and Acrobatics/Flash and Rock Smash
Dimetrus, so far, is characterized as a defensive Pokemon with above-average physical stats, average HP, average speed, and semi-poor special stats.
Base stats/Info:
Type: Water (Later Water/Dark)
Ability: Water Veil
HP: 50
ATK: 50
DEF: 65
SP ATK: 48
SP DEF: 64
Total: 322
Egg groups: Dragon/Water 1
Starting moves: Tackle, and Tail Whip
Ideal TMs/HMs: Hone Claws, Dragon Claw, Water Pulse, Roar, Ice Beam, Taunt, Torment, Fling, Thief, Payback, Blizzard, Light Screen, Shadow Claw, Protect, Reflect, Rain Dance, Dig, Torment, Thief, Snatch and Rest/Surf, Dive, and Waterfall

May 05, 2013, 08:39:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Big update! Finally finished mapping the home town of my Pokemon rom hack, Charge Town. It's mapped and all but I still have all the scripting/dialog to do.

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