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ROM Hacking Discussion / Pokemon Forsaken Dreams Now Recruting
« on: March 11, 2013, 04:28:15 pm »
Hello. I'm Aceraptor. I'm starting a Pokemon hack of FireRed called Pokemon: Forsaken Dreams. I'm looking for a good staff that is ready and willing to work. Please contact me at aceraptor11@hotmail.con for any questions. Please post if your are willing to join Team Fatedfriends!! Thank you.

Its been 7 since your father ''died'' saving the world from the war between Darkrai, Shaymin and Giratina. Though his body was never found it was assumed he died. You are now 13 and you decide you and your twin sister need to go out on your own journey to find out how the war between the 3 Supergods started and the where a bouts of your father. Though Team Black Echo will try to not allow you to attempt to figure out these mysteries. Who is the great Mastermind behind this organization anyway? 

Spriters: Open, Open, Open
Story: Aceraptor
Mappers: Aceraptor, Open
Scripters: Aceraptor, Pikachumanson, Open
GFX Artist: Open, Open
Music Editor: Open
Testers: Open, Open, Open


Position wanted:
Times able to work:
Reason for approving:
Contact Information:

-Weather system
-Running inside
-Pokemon Following
-Changing the trainer icons
-New moves
-Actual Pokemon league tournament
More to come.

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