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Gaming Discussion / A simple question about Gender and Stats
« on: May 18, 2016, 03:08:24 pm »
Hi. First of all, please don't panic, this is not going to be what one may expect with a title with "gender" in it.
I'm not "going Tumblr" or anything.

Now, to the question:

I've finished a hack this weekend, and while i'm really tired of romhacking right now, I've been messing, out of sheer curiosity, with Fire Emblem 9. Fire Emblem (In case you don't know) is a series of strategy RPGs, yadda yadda you don't care most probably.

After bashing my head with it and understanding a few things; I think I could try in the future to make a little hack that tries to balance characters (Sou you have many more options  to choose from and to add replayability) and also buff enemies a little. Thing is, characters have caps for their stats, and males and females have different caps.

For example:
Swordmaster Male   60   24   20   29   30   40   24   22
Sword mstr Female  60   22   20   29   30   40   22   25

In order: HP,  Attack,  Magic, Skill,  Speed,  Luck, Defense,  Resistance.

One would think that "Well, resistance in exchange for defense" or viceversa, but then you have the Str drop, and those resistance points really lose their value (Even more when these guys should avoid magic in the first place) when the STR cap gets so low.

This happens with other classes too, and some examples are a little more exagerated. And in other cases, both genders are the same (Like Sage, or Halberdier).

If this was designed with stat caps for each character instead of class, I wouldn't even question this, but...

What do you think about finding a middle ground and giving both genders the same stat caps?
Would you let it as it is, or maybe reduce the differences, but don't make them the same?

It's not like you can change the class of a character, or create generic units, and some classes are already the same caps wise.

What do you think would be the best approach about this?

My goal is just to make all of them decent so anyone could chose whatever the heck they want and use those characters without crippling themselves (Although that's said with the overal balancing theme, not just the genders, of course, this is just a smaller point of it).

I just look at this from a gameplay/design point. I don't even know when I would start with this, but I want some opinions, even if it's just to have more ways to see things.

Newcomer's Board / A question about Multi-file hacks for newer systems.
« on: November 23, 2015, 04:59:05 am »
Just being curious.

To put you into perspective, I'm messing around with Skies of Arcadia: Legends for the Gamecube, and i've been able to play around with magic, items,  even with the growth rates of the characters (Which i don't know how they work exactly, but I can make it work somehow, though). I want to give a new spin to the game.

So far I made all the changes I thought for a first try, and I need to do an entire test play to see how it flows instead of playing by parts. And i'm happy to see that it works playing it on real hardware (on my wii, in this case).

But that's not the important thing:

Most of the changes only affect one file: Start.dol, items, equipment, magic, special skills, ship battles and ship equipment... But when I get to the enemies, and enemy formations, those have a bunch of files for themselves.

If I would want to share this hack for whatever reason... What would be the best way to do so?

Just packing the edited files with instructions? With a tool named GCRebuilder is pretty easy, and i'm not a programmer so I don't know how to do an executable. But with that way, most probably this couldn't/shouldn't be submitted here. Not to mention, it sounds kind of fishy.

Again, I still don't know what I'm going to do with this, as it was made for personal use in mind, but I just thought that maybe some people would be interested in it... All two of them.

If this shouldn't be discused here just delete the post.


My goal is to move this red enemy:

to the platform above. The reason is, that almost every emulator that I try to use with this game crashes when you have to move the enemy yourself. And i'm not going to play this with vba on my crappy computer with a keyboard.

The idea is to transform it into a block, and use the elevator (platform with red crosses) to move it up there, but the game suddenly stops when going up if the enemy block is on the elevator as it goes up. I tried several roms, but it happens always. Not even the "Goodgbx 3.14" is safe from this.

Problem is, I've never done anything like this, and I would like some advice on where could I start to look at.

If that's imposible to do, then the other option would be to change that section of the stage so it has a ladder to go up to the next section... But again, never have done that.

For one I know that changing the stage sprites around to put a ladder is useless as it just how it looks, it's functionality will be the same (or none, if you change the sprites used for the background).

Any kind of tip or advise would help.

Thank you.

I'll go directly to the point:

Let's say that I want to translate a game to Spanish; and there is a previous english fan-translation made because the game never made it outside Japan.

Should I start from scratch or could I use that english one as a base, obviously crediting the original authors for their work? The second would make the work much faster, but that could not be seen as right, and I would understand why.

If using a base, the new translation should be regarded as an addendum or a separated patch? In theory it shouldn't need the original patch to work, but i'm kind of lost in all this matter.

I'm also trying to mess a little with a japanese game that I happened to find interesting yet obscure. But of course I know absolutely nothing of japanese, so it's like I go on a quest to discover what each symbol sounds like and then try to put all of them together to see if they make sense.

When they do is like solving a puzzle. For each single word. Very time consuming, but kind of fun... more or less. It'll be a miracle if I end up translating all the menus.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Breath of Fire II SNES - Exp & Money x2
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:04:11 pm »

Some time ago, I decided to replay Breath of Fire 2, and I borrowed a friend's GBA version, to see what differences it had, which are not many. Not even the script is changed, besides some very little things.

Holy crap, when Capcom is lazy, it's REALLY lazy.

But anyway, the post is not about that. One of the features that seem to be liked from that port is the x2 Exp and Zenny, removing a lot of grinding from the game and making the random battles a little more worth of your time.

I have seen a lot of comments about wanting (some of them sounded more like demanding, but whatever) this feature for the Super Nintendo version of the game in different places, even more because of the fantastic Retranslation made by Ryusui  and co. that makes the retranslated version of the game the definitive one.

At first I was messing with the rom to find the spell table for the characters, but then I thought: Maybe I can change the exp/zenny thing!

And it was easier than I thought, actually.

So here it is:

This will ONLY double exp and zenny from monsters. If the monsters gave no exp or zenny, they'll still give nothing.
This is for a game without a header, and is compatible with the Retranslation.

Although if you want to use it with a retranslation you should have an SRM save file that made the "translation test" before.
Is as easy as just booting the retranslated game, let it do it's own thing, and when it's finished and got to the main menu of the game, close it and patch the ROM with the exp/Zenny x2 patch.

Or just use your previous save file.

I will do more tests later, but if someone is interested in it you can give it a try before uploading it to the database.

Newcomer's Board / Sprite Editing on Wario Land 1
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:53:52 pm »
Hi, I would want to ask something about this game. My idea was trying to change the eyes of wario a little and to add his cap instead of the safari hat he uses in this game. But i have several problems.

I edited sprites of a few games from this system, but this is the first time I see this:

Why does this look so messy? How is that the sprites try to use the "invisible/background color" as a part of the sprites, but when you see it ingame it's just black?

The cap I made (inside the red rectangles) and what it looks ingame doesn't fit that much... I also have a problem trying to find another set of Wario's sprites, that seems to be in another place (Used in the intro and in the save file select menu).

Is there an easier way to work with this? Or is not worth it?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy III Maeson Mix (Famicom)
« on: April 15, 2015, 07:30:42 am »
Hi, I want to share a "little" thing that I made for personal use, but decided to see if other people could enjoy it... I'm a little nervous about sharing this, I don't know what reactions it will create.

Some days ago I asked in the "Hack Ideas" thread about how hard could be to edit the formulas for magic attacks on this game, and I didn't receive any answer, so I looked for a bit and found a page on Data Crystal with a little of information about it, so I started to tinker with the game to see If I could understand it.

I must say that I'm a total newcomer here, I did very small edits outside of graphical changes, (And even then I didn't release them because I doubt anyone wants to play a version of Super Mario Bros 2 with Youtube Poop characters from so many years ago that I did as a joke, or some palette changes in Pool of Radiance, lol).

Anyway, after some time seeing what each byte meant, I had made a patch that improves Black, White, and Geomancer Magic while nerfing the overpowered the High Summon spells. And then is when I thought:

What if I can make my "own version" of the game?

And that's what this "project" is: A series of patches that changes a lot of things in this game, from the Magic, to the classes stats, to equipment "overhaul", some convenience patches like one that rearranges commands to make them more comfortable, and such.

I even restored the dummied Dream Harp! Kind of funny to see a weapon with 0 in all it's stats, it throw me off guard at first.

My intention is to make more classes fun to play, and add variety to them in the equipment they can use so they can fill different roles.

For example, Geomancer has better stats, his Terrain is more powerful, he has more defensive gear to wear, some more weapons to equip, and his bells can be used to cause status effects, the Bard, which , besides better stats and equipment, he can use his harps to help the party or send enemies to sleep, or the Ranger now can attack from the back row with his bow and new boomerangs, or go close and use daggers and some spears if it's needed to, while having a small boost to his Spirit to cast better White Magic.

It took a bit (Well, maybe a bit more than that...) of patience, there was no info about this game besides of what Data Crystal had, so I needed to write everything I learned, and hex editing everything by hand. I don't know Assembly or that much about hacking, really. I only used Windhex for this.

Removed Link, it was too old and I'll upload it to RHDN soon.

Newcomer's Board / I can't find the tiles - Super Punch Out.
« on: December 14, 2013, 06:13:27 am »
First, Hello, and thanks for taking your time reading this post, I hope you can give me some advice because I can't figure it out.

I'm making a small visual modification, to change Little Mac's appearence for another (Basically, making him look more like Little Mac).

So far I had some troubles figuring the HUD (Your character's face was a little hard to find between so many random pixels) , fortunately I found how to do it, but the real problem comes with the "Game Over" and the "You win" screens:

Here's for example the You Win one.

The thing is that those tiles are nowhere to be found, unless you have to change something in the tile editors (For example I used YY-CHR for this hack) to actually see it, because I don't know that much about hacking. I looked through the entire the file several times, with different palettes, with trial and error, and I found absolutly nothing...

What can I do? What could it be? If it's something that can't be edited, could at least hide it somehow? I rather have a floating belt than a severe change in the character appearence without any reason, and the Game Over screen doesn't matter that much, lol.

Again, thank you. And sorry for my english, I have the feeling that I must have murdered it.

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