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Greetings Everyone!!

I'm excited to say that I have now fully completed the_icepenguin's Zelda II: Part 2 (Hard Patch) without save state and uploaded the final piece of the puzzle to my YouTube channel! The above link is the Great Palace and the fruits of my labour.

I left some comments on the video itself, so I won't get into how difficult it was here. I will leave a few notes though:

  • The Great Palace lived up to its name
  • The music is firmly cemented into my memory
  • I nearly shed a tear after receiving the Triforce of Courage

I'm really glad to be finished the last video, it was truly an excellent palace and the icing on the cake for my channel. It's a little bit longer than my Part 3 video, but if you're a fan of Zelda II and want to see the Great Palace completed the way icepenguin intended, get yourself comfortable and enjoy the video!

Thanks for watching everyone and thank you once again to the_icepenguin for the awesome adventures!!

Take Care!!


Gaming Discussion / Finished the_icepenguin's Zelda II: Part 3!!
« on: March 02, 2013, 11:09:23 pm »
Hey Everyone,

Completed the_icepenguin's Part 3 (Hard Patch), without Save State and wanted to post the Great Palace video if anyone was bored and wanted to check it out. Was a really great hack by icepenguin, had a lot of fun.

The trip to the Thunderbird wasn't very good, haha. Failed many times, didn't think I'd actually take him down when I did. Let me know what you think.

Final challenge is icepenguin's Great Palace in Zelda II: Part 2.. extremely difficult.

Take Care All,


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