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Personal Projects / Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: October 20, 2015, 07:34:05 pm »
Hello everyone! Yes I know, another Final Fantasy IV hack... 8)

I posted this on Slick before, but I thought I'd open a thread here as well for maximum exposure - and free beta testing... ;D

Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite games. At the same time the various ports and remakes of the game are an endless source of frustration for me. Bad sound, small screen, sluggish combat, RPG Maker visuals - there's always something wrong.

One thing that I really do love, however, are the updated graphics of the Wonderswan/GBA versions. Those I cannot "unsee", they need to be ported back to the original. And to my annoyance, it seems that no one is gonna do it for me.

So here goes my first hacking project. My goal is to basically replace everything using 8 colors (which is almost the entire game) with the enhanced 16 color graphics from the aforementioned remakes.

At this point the enemy & summon battle graphics part is pretty much finished. A few small things could use polishing, but everything seems stable so far.

Below you find a beta patch replacing all enemies and summons.
Apply it to a headerless ROM of the US version.
Questions/feedback welcome!


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