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ROM Hacking Discussion / Fixing a decade old translation.
« on: May 15, 2017, 05:57:46 pm »
It recently came to my attention that the Valis transation satsu and I did in 2007 has a game breaking bug that I never encountered during the process of testing it.

This bugged the shit out of me: There are a lot of things in every hack I've done I've not been happy with but something this bad compelled me to do something about it.

So despite having lost all my notes years ago I dug into the game and managed to fix it after figuring out what I did and how the text engine works again.

I suppose I'll be putting out new patches for the standard translation and the "Valis++" hack that also adds a bunch of game play and assembly hacks sometime. I'm wanting to do a few more things to Valis++ before I do though:

1) Figure out a way to mitigate the fact that you have to leave the area where the final boss of Stage 1 then come back to be able to exit the level and progress.
2) Hack the level data to move the Valis Sword and the ledge it sits on down a tile or two. It's fucking hard to get to it even when you're supposed to be able to.
3) Change the generic question mark indicator I made for Up/Down exit notifications to up and down arrows.
4) Alter some of the text to give better hints to navigate the absolute clusterfuck of a game this is from a design perspective.

Having done this, it felt kind of good cracking open a debugger. I'm debating on whether I should go back to some of my other hacks and make UTTERLY FINAL FINAL OMEGA HYPER FIGHTING EX revisions for some of them.

To anyone familiar with what I've done: What would you like to see me do before I lose the desire to ROM hack for another decade or two?

Gaming Discussion / Project Exa Drive
« on: November 13, 2016, 04:17:05 pm »
After first having access to a PS3 in 2008 and being intrigued by what it could do and infuriated by what it couldn't, I've designed several homebrew "consoles" since then that could do media playback and more importantly play tons of ROMs.

It's been four years or so since I had touched the last one; Someone gave me an old HP laptop from 2008 a few months ago and I decided to design a new one, this time using Linux as the base. ~200 hours or so later I'm finished:

"Exa Drive" v1.81

I know Gideon Zhi also does this kind of thing, but does anyone else here? I'd love to see what you've made if so!

I just noticed these patches on the front page and was somewhat surprised somebody bothered to do them.

I tried playing through both of the originals not too long ago and was frustratingly pissed off at how much grinding they involve, so I'll definitely be trying the addendum patches soon.

My big concern is in regards to how much you went through DXOII after modifying it in FFHackster, as there are two significant problems that can arise editing the game in that editor.

Some of what it considers "KAB" (Known Available Bytes) aren't actually available, and this isn't a problem typically, but we pushed the map data's total size so much that any additional changes to it that would increase the total map data size would start overwriting areas of the gear/player statistical tables since Hackster thought it was writing to free space.

The major one was also due to the size of the map data and a bug in the way FFH handles RLE compression. If map recompression is triggered at any point in the editor you'll run into a problem where entering a door/town/dungeon will hard lock the game (A black screen of silence). This is due to the RLE length specified in decoding the level data being oversized by one byte.

Any change to the map towards the end of the project, whether this increased or decreased total KAB (Hell, sometimes even just opening the map editor and looking at something), would require me to go through every exit in the game sequentially to trigger the crash, note what value was stored in the X register at the time then tracing where it loaded that value in ROM (It was always the last byte in the map data of the level being loaded) and subtracting 1 to fix it.

Gaming Discussion / Sad begging for translation.
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:30:15 pm »
So I'm at a place in Lagrange Point where I really need higher level weapons to make battles not 2 year ordeals.

I found a chart showing how to combine the various weapons into higher R ranks, but unfortunately it's not english:

Would anyone care to translate this?

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