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Help Wanted Ads / TMNT1 NES sprite animations and small ASM tweak
« on: September 28, 2020, 02:29:08 pm »
Hello, I'm finishing up a sprite update to my "return to new york" TMNT hack and could use help with a few things:

1.  The turtles colors are loaded by loading up Raphael's palette and then changing the bandana color.  I figured out the pointers for the pause screen and made a new table for the gameplay, but cant figure out where the code splits to rewrite the first sprite palette (to fix the shredder glitch and some other places) I cant seem to wrap my head around how it does this on the pause screen, given its a background palette.I'd like to implement the ability to change the turtles skin color on the pause screen.  Here's what i found.
Pause Menu: $F740:B1 00     LDA ($00),Y @ $FACF = #$27(mike), bandana colors stored at 1fad8 (in a different format than above  Gameplay: $D54A:B9 75 D6  LDA $D675,Y @ $D678 = #$14 (don), with bandana colors stored at 1d685
Edit: Solved.  Modified the subroutine to change two colors, then added the subroutine to animations that were missing it.  Pause menu required new pointers and palette table

2.  In the intro sequence, when the four turtle portraits come in, they pan in from the right as sprites.  When they get to their position, they become background and the sprite disappears.  Except donatello, whose sprite ends one pixel to the left of his background and makes him look goofy.  I just need to adjust the final landing position of his portrait sprite over by 1 pixel. Edit: solved, set starting x coordinate to F8 at FE3E and reset carry flags to X9 at FF02

3.  I'd like to improve some sprite animations.  Rocksteady uses the same leg sprites as bebop, but his run animation is missing some of the same animation. Edit: Solved, timer on his run animation was set to 10 instead of 04  Also, the dinobot enemy is constantly switching between his jump and standing sprites, rather than jump while jumping and stand while standing

4.  I'd like to figure out how to make the chainsaw enemy's chainsaw actually hurt you.

5.  This one's a bit tougher.  In the intro sequence where it shows the four turtles and splinter, leo's bandana is the same color as the background due to limited background colors.  Is there a way to have just his head display as a sprite instead, so i can make use of the sprite pallete set (leo's sprite pallete is loaded in the ppu on this screen, and the CHR is duplicated in sprite and background).  Wont be too upset if this is too much a hassle.

Thanks all for any help!  I've learned so much from the community here already, looking forward to wrapping up this project.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Sprite Attribute Help (TMNT1 NES)
« on: September 17, 2020, 05:11:45 pm »
Hello, I'm working on some sprite changes for a hack I'm working on and I'm trying to figure out if I should be looking in the sprite attribute data or do I need to hunt elsewhere (and if so, any ideas).  The sprite attribute data is generally stored as (y, tile, orientation/palette, x), but there's other stuff mixed in there I don't have the experience to make sense of.

1.  The chainsaw enemy's chainsaw doesn't actually hurt you.  I've been able to find solidity data for the background tiles, but not anything similar for sprites.  Is this part of the attribute data? ($965F, B8)

2.  The rock enemy I've been able to make all the same palette using the attributes, but when he hunches down and becomes pass-through and unhittable, he always changes from palette 01 to palette 02 (EDIT:  Solved, used the trace logger to find where in the game code it was specifically loading palette 02 when he went to background)

3.  The hedgehog enemy has an unused leg sprite for jumping, and I've even found the attribute data for it along with his other sprites, but when he jumps in game he maintains his standing sprite ($A0CC, C8)

4.  The dinobot constantly switches between his standing and jump sprites, and I'd like to separate it so standing is standing and jumping is jumping ($A258, C2)

Personal Projects / TMNT: Return to New York (NES) Updated (v1.71)
« on: September 02, 2020, 06:08:13 pm »
Hello, I've put up an updated version of my TMNT NES hack from a few years back.

You can get it here:

Edit:  Version 1.71 has been uploaded! General info and latest changes in bold below:

        Attack   1/2 Health  Speed  Jump  Defense  Special
Leonardo     12     12         1.0x   1.0x  1.0x     1.0x
Raphael      16     24         1.0x   0.88x  1.5x     0.5x
Michelangelo  10    12         1.22x  1.0x  0.8x     1.2x
Donatello    09     10         0.88x  0.63x  0.8x     1.2x

Enemy List:  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Set 1: Purple Foot Soldier, Mouser, Tubular Transport
Set 2: Orange Foot Soldier (Chainsaw), Foot Mystic (Water), Drone Robots
Set 3: Foot Mystic (Fire), Green Foot Soldier (Whip), Helicopter Missile, Utrom
Set 4: Foot Supersoldier, Rat King, Blade, Balloon Missile
Set 5: Yellow Foot Soldier (Boomerang), Flyborg, A6 Annihilator
Set 6: Gray Foot Soldier (Wall Crawler), Flying Mouser
Set 7: Roadkill Rodney, Foot Mystic (Earth), Excavator, Mine
Set 8: Blue Foot Soldier (Jetpak/Laser), Foot Elite, Technodrome Sentry
Bosses: Bebop, Rocksteady, Slash, Metalhead, Baxter Stockman/Giant Mouser, Technodrome, Shredder

Also in 1.7, the low health beep only chimes once

1.71: fixed small glitch that would turn the right side of the screen purple

Would welcome any feedback!


Personal Projects / TMNT: Return to New York (NES)
« on: June 11, 2017, 04:08:54 pm »
Update 9/2/2020:  Version 1.3 released!  Fixed donatello sticking points and improved some boss fights.  Get it here:

This is a rebalancing and minor remaster for the original TMNT game for the NES.  While I find the original to be quite fun, it certainly has its flaws, including an overpowered donatello, inconsistent difficulty, and strange atmosphere.  This project aims to fix as much as possible while still keeping the spirit and experience of the original game.  One of the major goals is to encourage the use of all turtles and their new, different playstyles.

Major credit to Rainponcho for his ASM work, to Retrorain for his MMC5 and save feature hacks, and MersoX for his mouser sprite

Notable features include:

    New stats for each turtle including attack, 1/2 health boost, speed, jumping, special weapons, and defense (see readme)
    Turtles can be swapped on the fly by pressing Up/Down+Start to cycle through
    In-game save feature that saves progress on each new world map
    Almost all game text has been rewritten to reflect hte characters, plot, and NYC setting
    Minor graphical changes to more closely mirror the source material
    Minor gameplay changes to increase the challenge in some areas

Looking for someone experienced in writing ASM for a few rebalancing modifications for TMNT for the NES (namely, jump height, damage received, special weapon damage done, and running speed depending on each turtle).  I've found the data points in the rom needed for each one already, and there is already an MMC5 expansion if needed for space, so it should be a short project.

Also, if there are any experienced level editor writers out there, there is a mostly finished editor known as cowabunga written wayyy back in 2005.  There was some talk about improving it in 2011, but only recently it's source has been put up on github  IIRC, it just had a few bugs (cant delete enemies, cant switch to level of same number 1-1, 2-2, etc) and needed a few features (overworld, special item add/delete, bosses/minibosses) to be complete.

Gaming Discussion / Definitive megaman hacks
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:30:34 pm »
With the extensive library of hacks out there for each of these games, I was wondering what everybody's favorite hack for each has been.  There have been some pretty thorough re-imaginings of some installments. 

For me its:
1: Megaman reloaded
2: Rockman No constancy
3: Burst Chaser (though I havent found many for this one)
4: Minus infinity
5: Indonesian artifact
6: havent tried these yet

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