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It's taken me a very long time, but I am pleased to announce the final release of my Final Fantasy Zz Hard Type hack.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, FFZz is a considerably more difficult version of Final Fantasy for the NES.  FFZz offers new weapons, buffed enemies, new magic spells, revised text dialogues, new enemy formations, and redesigned dungeons.  Even though you are almost required to be at Level 50 in order to beat this hack, you won't feel like you are grinding.  This project was started in 2007 and initially released in 2011.  The original thread is here:

Final Fantasy Zz also offers numerous enhancements and bugfixes.  The critical hit bug, Black Belt armor bug, door bug, invisible character bug, enemy magic bug, double-level up bug, broken spell bugs (SABR, HEL2, XFER, LOCK, etc.) and all other known bugs have been fixed.  There are also some enhancements, including being able to dash by holding the B-button, being able to buy 9 potions at a time, being able to see the contents of a treasure chest even if your inventory is full, moving Heal Potions to the top of your inventory to make them easier to use, not rearranging poisoned characters after a battle, and increased spell capacity for anyone who can use magic.  Other enhancements and bug fixes are listed in the hack's readme.

Even though 1.0 was a lot of fun to play, I was not quite satisfied with the endgame areas, particularly the Temple of Fiends Revisited.  I also felt there was a bit more potential I could squeeze out of a few enemies.  So I released version 1.1 in April 2013.  That version was superior to 1.0, but I found some unanticipated bugs regarding the wrong enemies in the northwestern corner of the northwestern continent and around Matoya's Cave.  I also still wasn't satisfied with the later fights against the fiends.  I also added a shortcut to Chaos, but that allowed you to access him too easily.  So I drafted 1.51.  This version includes some new treasure chests, better treasure chests at the end of the game, even more difficult enemies, an improved Red Mage, improved magic spells (particularly LOCK and MEGA, but a few others too), and more difficult fights against the later fiends.  Please consult the readme for other changes with 1.51.  Note that the readme now includes information on every enemy formation in FFZz as well as information on which enemy formations cannot be run from.

After extensive playtesting and debugging, I am convinced that 1.51 of this hack is as good as a hard-type Final Fantasy hack is going to get.  You won't want to bother playing the original game anymore after you give this a try.  Final Fantasy Zz has been downloaded almost 500 times as of this writing, and I have found at least three different sets of videos on YouTube of people playing the game.  It's gotten great reviews.  One person has even called it the Final Fantasy equivalent of Legend of Zelda Outlands.  But don't take my word for it--why don't you download the patch and see for yourself?

You can download Final Fantasy Zz 1.51 here:

If you know Final Fantasy inside and out and are looking for a challenge, Final Fantasy Zz has more than enough challenge and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.  There's nothing cheap here, but carelessness will almost always result in trouble!  Good luck, have fun, and get those Heal Potions ready!

Thanks for giving Final Fantasy Zz a try!   :beer:

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