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Hey guys. I thought it'd be a nice idea to post this in case it's relevant to anyone's theoretical projects at ROMHacking - apologies if it's not exactly in the right section.

I'll start by linking my Satellablog article and such;
It's possible to edit Dezaemon saves into BS-X Shooting and vice versa.
It has some details and some example ROMs.

The page currently dabbles into some of how it works technically and whatnot (which I may remove if there's a demand for obscurity but I doubt that'll be necessary), but basically swapping in bytes from an SRAM into bytes in the ROM does the trick well.

I don't really know much the history of people dabbling in editing Dezaemon SRAM around here, but I figured that if anyone was put off by their user-made content being basically "Open source", doing this conversion is probably the best solution, as the "BS-X Version" ROM will simply play the game with no editing capability, -and- the data will be more obscured than in a SRAM file. Therefore, I'm hoping this is of interest to anyone here.

Feel free to use this thread to either request from me to convert a Dezaemon save into a "BS-X Shooting" hack or to post one up of one you may have done yourself. Or anything like that. Or to discuss Dezaemon in some other manner. I know I'm still looking for "Sugoi STG" and "Crystal Guardian" the other two official "BS-X Version" Dezaemons, after all.

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